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In this day and age, the world of online sports betting is bigger and better than ever.  Legal regulated sports betting legislation has now passed in 17 states and a dozen more have it in the works.

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This portion of our website is devoted to keeping sports bettors up to date on all the sates in which you can legally bet on sports online.

The following states are amongst the 17 which currently have regulated sports betting:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • West Virginia

How and Where to Bet Sports Online

There are a number of different ways to make bets on sporting events online in the United States in 2020.

While traditional gamblers might still rely on brick and mortar shops or telephone betting services, the most common way these days is betting via websites.
There are hundreds of sites where players can make wagers online nationwide.  Many are traditional staples of the sports betting market such as William Hill or Bet365.  Some have pivoted from the explosion of DFS such as DraftKings and FanDuel.  While others still are looking to make a name for themselves in the new online market such as Sugarhouse and PointsBet. 
Using these online sportsbooks has become the most popular option for many reasons including the ease of use.  They are far and away the easiest and most convenient way to wager on sports in the 21st century.
Frankly, all you need to do is be in a state that offers legalized sports betting online, find a site you like and sign up. 
We understand that states who have legalized online sports betting and the website operating those states are in constant flux.  With that in mind, we thought it best to keep an updated list of states offering online sports betting and the websites that operate within them.

List of Licensed Sports Betting Websites

States With Legal Online Sports Betting:

New Jersey

The Garden State has quickly become one of the biggest markets in sports betting after launching in 2018.  Legal betting can be done at sportsbooks in casinos, racetracks, and on mobile apps statewide.

Here is an updated list of online sports betting outlets in New Jersey:


Indiana sports betting went live back in October of 2019 with both mobile and in-person wagering available.  Mobile betting now makes up for 80% of all bets placed in the Hoosier State.  Betting is regulated by the Indiana Gaming Commission and consists of the following legal sportsbooks:


Voters in colorado approved legalized sports wagering statewide in November of 2019.  Sports betting has been live since just May of 2020 and will be shown off during the upcoming NFL & NCAA football wagering seasons.

There are currently just three options to wager online in the Centennial State as of July of 2020:


Sports betting in PA has quickly become big business since its launch before the 2019 NFL season.  A number of brick and mortar sportsbooks were joined first by DraftKings & FanDuel.  Here is the list of current online sportsbook available in PA residents:

New Hampshire

New Hampshire sports betting legislation was voted on and passed in July of 2019.  The State launched mobile betting via the DraftKings app in early 2020 with brick and mortar locations to follow. 

The state lottery oversees sports betting in New Hampshire and DK is the only approved app as of July 2020.


Nevada has had legalized sports betting since 1949 and was the first state to regulate the previously mob-run operation. Sure, Sin City has a ton of sportsbook on the ground, but here is the list of current online options for residents of Nevada:

  • William Hill
  • Wynn
  • CG Technology
  • Station Casino
  • Boyd
  • South Point
  • MGM
  • Atlantic Reno

West Virginia

West Virginia officially has sports betting, including online wagering, in 2020.  As of July 2020, there are only three options for online sports betting in WV:


Sports betting in Iowa launched in August of 2019 with 13 of the 19 in-state casinos offering online wagering via six websites.

Sports bettors will have to go to whichever casino is partnered with their specific app to register.  Once done, wagers can be made anywhere statewide.

Here are the current online sportsbook available in Iowa:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • PointsBet
  • Hard Rock Sioux City
  • Q Casino
  • Elite Sportsbook
  • William Hill

Rhode Island

Rhode Island sports betting has been live since the fall of 2019, albeit in a limited capacity.  As of July 2020, the only place to bet is through the state lotteries partnership with William Hill.

Other States

There are a number of other states who have passed legislation and either have yet to establish a market or a very limited one.

  • Mississippi sports betting must be done within a land or water-based casino as of now.  State regulations allow for mobile betting but players must be on casino property.  Just a single casino has incorporated this feature to date.
  • Oregon’s state lottery launched online sports betting back in October of 2019 with The Scoreboard app the primary option.
  • Michigan legalized sports betting in December of 2019 but has no live websites active.  Online sports betting is expected in early 2021. 
  • Tennessee is rather unique in that legalized sports betting is ONLY available online.  Nothing is live yet, but we should see a lot of different and diverse options in Tennessee by the end of 2020.
  • Virginia only just legalized sports betting in April of 2020 but should see some active sites by the end of the year.
  • New York has recently legalized sports betting at brick and mortar sportsbook but online betting has not made it quite yet.

Types of Online Sports Wagers

Straight Bets

Point Spread

Betting the spread, or betting ATS, is the most common wager in American sports.  It is a handicap that requires the team who is favored to win by a certain number of points instead of just winning the game outright. 

On the flip side, betting the underdog allows them the luxury of losing by a predetermined number of points.

Say, for example, a game between the Patriots and Cowboys has a point spread of 5.5.  The Patriots are favored while the Cowboys enter the game as betting underdogs. In this case, the Patriots would have to win by six or more points to cash your ticket while the Cowboys would have to lose by five or less. 

Point spread wagering remains the same whether you are betting full games, halves, or quarters.

Typically the spread wager is -110, requiring bettors to lay $11 for every $10 they hope to win.  This is not always the case, of course, a team may be listed as -3 (-120) which allows anyone betting the underdog to avoid any vig.

It’s also worth noting that not all sports refer to this as point spread betting.  Baseball, for example, refers to it as the run line while it is called the puck line in hockey.


A moneyline favorite will be preceded by a minus sign before the odds while an underdog will have a plus sign. 

For example, take the same game as above between the Patriots and Cowboys.  If you were betting the moneyline, your odds would look more like this:

New England Patriots -200 vs Dallas Cowboys +170.

This means that the bettor must lay $200 for every $100 he hopes to win on the Patriots and a $100 wager on the Cowboys would win $170. 

Some sports like Hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf will only have moneyline betting at times.


Betting on totals refers to making predictions on the number of points scored by both teams combined. These are often referred to as over/under, or O/U bets.

One thing that makes betting totals easy is that the odds are almost always -110, especially for football, basketball, and baseball.  Hockey totals tend to be a bit more volatile and odds might not be the same.

Exotic Wagers


Parlay betting is the most common form of exotic wagers and should be a part of your sports betting repertoire.

These bets always include at least two or more outcomes which the bettor will tie together.  This means that all legs of the parlay must-win for the ticket to payout.  If a game is canceled, the bet will generally payout but at a slightly smaller amount.

Parlays can be made on two games in the same sport, games taking place over the course of a weekend, or even mixing leagues. 

Sportsbooks like parlays because they are attractive to bettors and difficult to win at a high rate. 

Casual bettors love them because of the opportunity for huge payouts while the pros tend to stay away due to the long odds. 

The idea here that winning one game is hard enough.


Teasers are like parlays in that they involve a number of different outcomes. The wager differs in that the bettors receive extra points on each leg of the teasers.

For example, an NFL teaser might be for six points. This turns a one-point underdog into a nine-point team and affects each game of the parlay.

Teasers payout less than parlays due to the adjusted spreads but they are also easier to win at a high rate.  A push just negates that game and odds will adjust accordingly.


Pleasers are just reverse teasers.  While teasers add points to help the players winning percentage, pleasers take them away to maximize profits.  Pleasers usually require bettors to give up between 6 and 15 points on a football game and can be a gamechanger if you’re brave and a little lucky.

Pleasers require multiple unlikely outcomes and ties often lose the whole bet.  But when they do hit, it can be a season-changing payout for winners.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS is a new take on the old model of fantasy sports. It has been around or over a decade but many were unaware of DFS until the explosion of legalized sports betting nationwide. 

DFS has become a huge option for those fantasy gurus who yearn for a bit more excitement.  Players now don’t have to wait a whole season to cash in on their talents, now they may do it multiple times a day.

DFS works the same as traditional fantasy sports aside from the fact that you can pick a new team every day as opposed to every season. Additionally, Alabama, Idaho, and Hawaii don’t have DFS for various other reasons.

The states which allow DFS will continue to shift so be sure to keep an eye on SportsIntel for constant updates.

Online Casino & Slot Betting

Gambling online is quickly becoming as American as apple pie.  More and more people each day are firing up their PCs or mobile devices to play their favorite slots and table games.

While states like Nevada and New Jersey get most of the hype, there are a number of states which currently offer residents access to online casinos.

The following states currently offer regulated online casino games:

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia

Additionally, there are a few states; North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, who might see online casino games and slots by the end of 2020.

There is news breaking regularly making it hard to keep track of things state by state.  Lucky for you, our job is to keep you up to date on just that.  This page will continue to be your best source for online gambling updates nationwide.

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