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MLB Picks and Parlays

When you start out wagering on MLB, it can all look very confusing – and some of the lingo may even look like a foreign language, – with all sorts of random numbers on the screen – all looking very random to a person who doesn’t know what they are looking for. However, the most standard type of bet is simply to wager on which team you think will win the game. If you bet against the spread, then you will need your team to win by a certain number of points (the point spread). However, Major League Baseball betting can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. On this page, we will look at how to make MLB picks and parlays so you can choose the right approach for you.

MLB Picks and Parlays Essentials

The standard wagering line in Major League baseball is the ‘Moneyline’ bet. This simply requires you to simply pick which team you think will win – and it doesn’t matter if they win by 1 point or 50 points – as long as they win, you win.

You can see who the bookmaker considers to be the favorites by looking at the Moneyline odds. The favorite team will have Moneyline odds preceded by a – sign, with the underdogs having odds preceded by a + sign. This means that any win you make on the favorite will be of less value than your stake and any win you make on the underdog will be more than your initial wager.


$1000 Risk Free Bet


So, if you bet on New York at +200, a wager of $100 would win you $200. Whereas, if you bet on Kansas City at -170, you would need to wager $170 in order to win $100.

The greater the underdog, the higher their positive Moneyline number, the greater the favourite the higher their negative Moneyline number.

Ultimately, whether you make a single pick or want to make a number of different picks for a parlay, the more research you do on any of the games you wager on, the greater your chance of making those winning bets.

Even the most terrible groups will usually have a starter that is seen by some as an expert and will be able to close down the offense at will. You can look at factors such as how certain teams’ offences work against lefties and righties. The more you understand the conceivable game stream, the easier it is to recognize the most feasible winner. This may also help you to recognize whether an overwhelming underdog or longshot will have any chance of a win, given the facts and numbers.

Run Line Wagers

Baseball wagering sheets also offer players a second type of number that looks very much like a ‘Moneyline’ but works in the same way as a points spread. The game favorite will be recorded as a 1.5 -point top pick. This type of bet is known in the business as the ‘run line’. This gives underdogs a better chance of winning the wager than a standard Moneyline bet.


$1000 Risk Free Bet


If you opt to make your pick or parlay on this type of wager then the favorite on the run line will need to dominate the game. They will need to beat the 1.5 point spread – and win the game by at least two runs. This type of bet can give much greater rewards compared to Moneyline odds and this is why we use it so much for Moneyline sports picks and parlays.

However, on the other side of the coin, this is a tougher wager to win. There are many times when a heavy favorite team wins by just one run. This is also a rather dubious type of wager when the host team is the top pick. If the team is winning by only one run after eight innings and then, in the ninth, sends down the rival 1-2-3, it is at this point the team has got just eight innings to score runs, whereas the guest team has nine. Those three extra at-bats can change everything.

All Out Wager

The last of the three most common types of picks MLB bettors choose is the game all-out wager. This is the equivalent of the standard ‘Over/Under’ bet. Like the over and under bet, you will need to bet on the number of runs scored by the two teams combined. The over side of the bet and the under side of the bet will both offer their own Moneyline odds.

For the standard MLB game, the all-out is usually set at about 8 runs (although this is different from Coors Field, where aggregate scores can be as high as 14 when a skilful rival attacks and the pitching at the start is unimpressive, adrift level and a mile high!


$1000 Risk Free Bet


This is the type of wager where your inside knowledge of the pitchers and your knowledge of the game and teams can help you to make those educated bets.

First Five Innings MLB Picks

The above bet types – Moneyline, runline and all-outs, can also be placed on the first five innings of a game instead of the full game. Some of the more experienced MLB bettors will prefer to take this approach because it removes the bullpens out of the equation. In turn, this makes it easier for you to research because you can focus your attention on the starting pitchers only.

Parlaying Your MLB Bets

If you’re a thrill-seeker who yearns for high risks and high rewards, then parlaying your bets may be just the answer – as these are high-risk high reward wagers. This type of wager will require you to wager on two or more results and place them all together on one bet – and you need to get them all right in order to win. One leg of your bet loses and you lose the entire wager. Yet if they do come in, the wins could be tremendous. The more legs, the bigger the win. A standard three wager parlay could pay out at 6 to 1, whereas a 4 leg parlay could pay out at 13 to 1 etc…

With our MLB Picks and Parlays, you can combine Moneyline bets with all-out bets and even run lines. Getting it right can take vigilance, hard work and of course getting expert picks free – and even then, there’s no guarantee!. 

Free MLB Picks 

Whether you’re betting on the regular season or the playoffs. Whether you’re a fan of St Louis or New York Mets, you can’t know everything about everything – so getting the best MLB baseball picks can really help you to get those winning bets in – whether it’s a Moneyline ‘to win’ bet, against the spread or over/under!

What Type of MLB Bets Can You Make?

So, you’re looking at taking up MLB bets, here are the most popular and common markets you bet on for parlays:

Free MLB picks and expert MLB predictions on MLB games today with runlines, moneylines and run totals for this MLB season.
  • Moneyline MLB Picks
  • Runline MLB Picks
  • Total Runs MLB Picks: OVER/UNDER

Other Types of MLB Bets

The most exciting thing about MLB betting is that you can bet on things other than just the three major bets. Yes, these are the most common types of bets – and the best ones to use for parlays as you have a better chance of being able to research the most likely outcome, but here are other types of MLB picks to look out for!

MLB Player Props Picks and Parlays

You may be betting on a game that you aren’t sure of the outcome – but you want to bet on the game because your best MLB team is playing and you want to add even more excitement to the action. Here, you could place a player prop bet. This could be a wager such as whether you think Mike Trout will hit a home run in the game – or whether you believe Clayton Kershaw can get six strikeouts. You bet on how you think one player will perform in the game.

Future MLB Picks

You can get free baseball picks throughout the regular season and beyond – including baseball futures outcomes. This could be betting on whether San Francisco Giants or Los Angeles Dodgers will win the World Series, who you think will end up hitting the most home runs or who you believe will by the CY Young winner

World Series Betting MLB Picks

Just because the end of the regular season is over, that doesn’t mean MLB betting has to come to an end. There are still lots of chances to bet on pro baseball. When the regular season comes to an end, the postseason begins – with some of the most exciting baseball action each year.

MLB Playoff Picks

The most common postseason MLB betting picks and parlays that bettors make are futures bets. Bettors can make these futures before opening day and all the way through to the middle of the playoffs. The most popular futures bet to make is the winner of the World Series. This is the game that sees the American League champion and the National League champion go head to head in the best of seven series of games.

Other options for players looking to place bets in the MLB postseason include betting on the outcome of individual series, placing a wager on the winner of each league or even betting on the MVP winners.

Finding MLB Expert Picks and Parlays

No matter what types of bets you make – single bets or parlays, the best way to get a chance of winning those bets is by getting hold of the best MLB picks today. Although no one can even guarantee a winner, combining our expert picks along with your baseball knowledge, reading MLB news daily and finding out about injuries will give you the best chance possible.


How do MLB parlays work?

MLB parlays are simple. They work by combining a number of different bets into one big bet. You decide on the outcome of several different bets and put them all together. This will not only combine the bets but combine the odds – which means big rewards. However, this also means that to win, all bets must come in.

Can MLB Parlays always win?

No, it isn’t possible to guarantee a win. Parlays are notoriously tough to win and are riskier than standard single MLB bets. You can improve your chances, however, by reading up on news, doing the research yourself and by getting your hands on the best expert picks and tips.

Are MLB Parlays Better than Standard MBL bets?

It depends on what you want from betting. These types of bets can offer bigger rewards from smaller stakes but are much harder to win. Low-risk punters are better with standard bets whereas high-risk punters are better with parlays.

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