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NFL Picks and Parlays

If you’ve come over to this page then the chances are that you are looking for the best NFL Free sports picks – brought to you by our expert handicappers. We want to help you make the best bets when it comes to top NFL Parlays – and so we have brought together a team to help you by offering our best NFL picks – completely free!

Although straight bets are generally the most popular with NFL bettors, parlay bets come closely behind. Whether you know them as Parlays, accumulators or multipliers these are the types of wagers that can make you rich from just a small stake – which makes them a very attractive prospect for bettors.

Free NFL Parlay Picks: What Are Parlays?

Parlays are very simple, which is another reason why they are attractive to so many. They are simply a selection of straight bets that are combined in order to create one big, collective wager. However, every single one of those bets will need to come in in order for you to win your parlay bet. If just one of the bets on the combination fails to hit the mark, then you will lose your bet and lose your stake. As such, it stands to reason that the rewards are much greater because the risk is a lot greater.


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How NFL Picks and Parlays Work

An NFL Parlays work simply by making two or more betting ‘picks’ and combining them. The more picks (or legs as they are sometimes referred to) you add to your Parlay, the more you will stand to win as the betting odds increase with every pick you add. However, it also means that there is more chance of losing – the more picks or legs to your parlay, the greater the chance that one will fall through.

The NFL Schedule

Because of the big changes in the NFL that occurred in the 2020-21 NFL Season, this heavily impacted the 2021-22 NFL season and beyond. For many years, there had been conversations and discussions about expanding to a 17 game regular season – and with the expansion of the NFL playoffs, it has now been changed that there are indeed 17 games in the regular season instead of 16 as it was previously.

The start of this change in the 2021-22 National Football League season – its 102nd season started with the NFL kick off game on Thursday 9th September – with Super Bowl Champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the Dallas Cowboys.

The updated and renewed 102nd National Football Season comes to a close on January 9th 2022 – just in time for the NFL post-season action to kick off on 15th November… to be followed up with the much anticipated Super Bowl 56 on Sunday, February 13th – at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California… the home stadium of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

NFL Expert Picks – Different Types of Parlays

If you are thinking about making your wager on parlays – then there are different types of wagers you can make when creating your parlays. Remember, the more you add to your parlay, the riskier it is – so the more research you need to know – so it’s always best to get hold of NFL predictions and take advantage of free picks and tips beforehand.


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NFL Picks Against the Spread

Spread betting allows sportsbooks to even up the playing field between sports teams if there is a clear underdog and favorite. They do this by setting a number (also known as point spread) that the winner will need to win by – in order for them to be considered the winner in that bet. If they don’t win by that set number of points, then the underdog will be considered the winner (even if they ultimately lose).

Example: If Green Bay is favorite – and they are given a 7.5 spread, then they will need to win by 8 points or more to cover the spread. The underdogs must lose by 7 points or fewer to win the bet.

Getting your picks right for winning NFL parlays against the spread is one of the more difficult propositions in sports betting. That’s why many people look for professional handicappers to provide them with information to help them figure it out. As such, it serves you well to research stats, scores, rankings, betting trends and more to help you create a winning parlay.

NFL Over/Under Picks and Parlays

Betting on a NFL over under is also known as betting the total. This is where a bettor places a wager on the total number of points that are scored by both teams in the game. You simply need to place a bet on whether you believe the total score will be over or under the projected line set by the bookmaker. So, for example – in an NFL game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, the bookmaker has set the line at 45 – and you bet ‘Over’. If the score is 20-26 then you will win your bet but score lines of 20-24 – or anything else that adds up to less than 45 will see you lose


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This is perfect for a bettor that isn’t entirely sure about gambling on which NFL team will win the football game – as it involves betting on the match action itself rather than betting on one particular team in the game. So, if there are teams that are pretty evenly matched and you don’t want to risk your parlay on such a thin line then you can base your bet on whether you believe these teams to be high scoring teams or low scoring teams. This is seen by many as less risky in evenly matched games.

These kinds of parlay bets can also be thrilling – as you will be counting every single goal that is scored – no matter which team scores it. Betting on over/under means that every single time a team comes close to scoring, you will be fully invested – on either scoring – or saving.

Moneyline NFL Picks and Parlays

Moneyline bets, also known as a straight-up bet, is one of the simplest forms of betting. You just need to choose the winner from an NFL game. If you predict the winner correctly then you win the wager. This is the most common type of bet used in parlays. Parlaying moneylines can bring in a very nice return, especially if you have any inside information on any upsets that might happen. However, even if you go for the winners in every one of your legs, the multiplication of the odds will still end up giving you a very tasty return! Obviously, going for heavy favourites on every pick will result in less profit than going for underdogs – but again, you need to weigh up the risks and rewards.

If you were to bet on a team, for example, with +400 Moneyline odds then a single wager of $100 would win you $400 – if this were to be just one part of a wider and bigger parlay wager, the wins would be even greater – and the more legs in the parlay, the bigger that win would be!.

Working out Your Odds

Although if you add your parlays directly to an online sportsbook betting slip it will do the work for you, it’s always good to be able to work them out yourself.

For example – you have a 2 leg parlay:

You have bet on the LA Rams +200 and the New England Patriots at -400

Firstly, convert moneyline odds to decimal with the following formula: for underdogs (a + number) it is (odds +100) divided by 100. For favorites (a – number) it is: (odds +100) divided by odds

  • (200 + 100) / 100 = 3.0
  • (400 + 100) / 400 = 1.25

You then multiply the two decimal odds together:

3.0 x 1.25 = 3.75

In order to convert them back to Moneyline, we just multiply 100, subtract 100 and you’re done. Our two-leg parlay equation would be:

(3.75 x 100) -100 = 275

Garnering NFL Score Predictions

The only way to gain more chance of being more successful when predicting and wagering on parlays is by gathering information on any games you are considering adding to your wager. This could mean gathering player data, weather reports and more. This will give you more chance of picking NFL winners at sportsbooks online.

That is why, when you make your parlay, we would always recommend accessing tips and predictions – especially coming from a trusted source that has a basis in facts and real, up to date stats.

NFL Picks and Parlays FAQ

Where Can I Find Free NFL Picks?

You can find top free NFL picks here with us, we bring you the latest picks whenever you need them!

How Do I Win at NFL Betting on Parlays?

There’s no guaranteed way to win, but getting the best data, info and stats will help you to be more successful.

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