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NBA Picks and Parlays

If you’re here today, then it’s likely that you are interested in NBA sports betting and getting your hands on the best free NBA picks for parlays. Read on to find out all about how an NBA parlay works, how the betting odds work – and to understand how to use Free NBA predictions and sports picks to help you to make the best bets- whether it’s a parlay on regular-season games or NBA finals.

NBA Parlays and Top Picks

If you know much about sports betting, you’ll know that Parlays are bets that combine multiple different selections into one big bet. In order for your parlays to win, then all of your selections must win. Although this type of bet multiplies the betting odds significantly, the fact that you need to make several correct predictions for every game in your wager means that it’s a lot tougher – which is why so many punters look for NBA expert picks and NBA predictions to help. Parlays are an excellent way to be on favorites with low betting odds and still get big wins. Straight bets on these games would provide little return, but combining them into one wager creates bigger wins for smaller stakes – as long as one favorite doesn’t drop the ball.

On standard fixed odds markets like spreads and totals – selections will usually be priced at around +/- 110. In this case, three-team Parlays would then pay out at around +600 – which means you will stand to get a $600 profit plus your $100 stake. If you opt for a four-team parlay, the odds would be around +1200 – giving you a $1200 profit from a $100 stake.


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How To Win An NBA Parlay Bet

No matter how many free NBA picks and parlays you get from expert handicappers or computer picks, they can be hard to win – one selection loss means a whole wager loss. As such, you need to be selective with your NBA picks and parlays. Here are some tips:

  • The lower the number of teams in your parlay, the better your chance of winning – so ideally, stick to 2, 3 or 4 team parlays.
  • Use parlays to combine strong favorite bets. Sometimes strong favorites bets aren’t worth the risk if the money you win is less than the risk attached. If you add a few other strong favorites, then the risk is greater but the reward makes it more worthwhile.
  • Look around different sports betting sites for better odds and prices if you want to get more bucks in return. Even a small difference can have a big effect on the return. If you combine three picks at -200 each as opposed to -250, then for a $100 stake your return would be $337.50 compared to $274.40 – quite a difference.
  • Carefully manage your bankroll. Discipline is vital if you want to make a profit across the NBA season. If you do this with 3-team parlays then you will only need 1 in 7 of your parlays to come in to break even. More gives you a profit! It also ensures steady progress and avoids getting a gambling problem.
  • Look for data and information from expert handicappers to help you find those best value selections

Betting On NBA Picks And Parlays

Placing a wager on NBA parlay picks is pretty easy at most top online sportsbooks. All you need to do is click on ‘Basketball’ and then click on the ‘NBA’ tab. Here you will find all the upcoming matches. All of your selections will then be added to your bet slip. Simply click on ‘parlay’ enter your stake amount and then place your bet. The bet slip will show you your combined parlay odds along with your potential return, which means you don’t need to work it out yourself.

Where to Find NBA Teaser Predictions?

NBA Teasers are just one of a handful of sports where you can use these types of bets – apart from college and pro football. The most common points you will find in NBA teasers are 4.0, 4.5 and 5. However, certain bookmakers also offer 7 points. Punters can then apply these points on as many games as they like – usually between 2 and 14 games. Of course, with every selection you add, the payout odds increase. In order for an NBA teaser to be considered a win, every team on the ticket must be considered a win.

NBA Same Game Parlays

There’s not really any difference between an NBA same game parlay and a standard NBA parlay. The only difference is that all the selections come from the same game rather than different NBA matches. One benefit of an NBA same game parlay is that by combining different picks on one match, you can try for an even bigger win whilst betting on just one game.

A popular NBA same game parlay strategy is to combine correlated MLB props betting – which means that one prop affects the outcome of another. So, if one of your selections occurs, another is more likely to happen. So if you spot that a certain team is the standout team at shooting three-pointers, then you might not only bet on this team to beat their opponent but also bet on one or two of their players to hit 3 or more threes. Identifying which team you think will win and why you think they will win is a great way to set about coming up with a some


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You could also keep it simple and think that it’s likely one player will play well and will score a lot. So, you could combine a team to win, alongside an over/under bet and which player you think will be the top scorer. This is three selections all on the same game. Moreover, all of these NBA picks are linked together and this means that you have a better chance of the parlays coming in.

In general, though, the rest of it works in the same way as a standard NBA parlay – the more selections you add, the more you can win, the higher the odds but the better chance you have of winning. So, picking the perfect parlay is walking a fine line between picking enough to make it worthwhile but not picking so many that it’s nearly impossible to win. 3 or 4 parlays is usually about right. Remember, to help, you can make use of free picks and tips

How To Bet On An NBA Same Game Parlay

There are a number of sports betting services that now offer Same Game Parlays for NBA games. As such, it has now become a very popular bet type – as you can place all of your selections on a game that you are confident with and a team you know the most about. If you can place your entire parlays on your favourite team that you have followed for years, your chances of winning are much increased. You will also get yourself a bigger win from a smaller stake as a result! The more popular Same Game parlays become, the more available they are becoming across the US. Some call them same game parlays, some call them single game parlays and others call them one game parlays – but it’s all the same thing!

So, to make your same game parlay, simply head over to one of the top sportsbooks, open up an account (if you don’t have one) and find the same game parlay with the best odds to suit you!


Up to $500 Free Bet


Once you have done this, open the sports home page, click on NBA, look through the matches to find the one you want and click on it. You should then see the same game parlay tab (or whatever they call it) normally at the top navigation bar and you can choose from the markets available for same game parlays.

Every selection you make will then be added to your betslip and the odds will update with every selection you make. As soon as you have added all your picks, simply enter your stake amount and place your bet. It’s done! Remember, with lots of picks, Free NBA predictions will help you to make your bet more successful.

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