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NBA Over Under Betting

If you are here, then chances are you’ll be looking for over under picks for tonight’s NBA slate – or any other NBA game! That’s why we are here – we want to help you not only understand how over/ unders work, but we want you to know how to find the best bets for every single NBA game – to find not just a good bet, but a value bet.

So, if you do want to bet on over / under then look no further – we want to guide you through every game, all season so that you know how to find the best value and most up to date picks. So, it’s time to stop placing bets based on your gut and start using your head – and Sports Intel to make the best NBA over under picks and start winning more!

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NBA Game Over Unders Explained

The good news is that betting on NBA over under is pretty much the easiest type of bet to get to grips with. Basically, you are simply betting on whether the combined total score of both teams will be over or under the line set by the online sportsbook. So, the sportsbook sets a line and you place your bet as to whether you think the total score of both teams together will be over or under that line. You could possibly set an over / under bet for just the one team, but the default of the over / under bet (which is known as totals) is generally the combined score.

NBA Over Under Picks

Placing a bet on over/under is a good way to have fun whilst wagering on a sport – but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily an easy bet to win. A lot of sports bettors don’t like to bet on ‘under’ because this means that they expect the game to be pretty boring – but that doesn’t mean that this is the right choice. Betting on over under isn’t about what you want to happen in the game – it’s about being able to predict what you think will happen in the game. This means understanding the data – looking at previous games and using history and form to decide which is the more likely at this time – an under the line score or an over the line score. You will need to stop betting mindlessly and start using information

NBA Odds Bets

Now, legal online sports betting is available in more states than ever before, and the popularity simply keeps on growing! As such, if you are new to online betting – and have never bet on NBA over under before, it’s likely that you will need assistance to make the most informed bets possible. That’s why we have broken down how to read NBA odds – including NBA over under odds exactly as they would look either at an online sportsbook or a real live Las Vegas sportsbook.

When you feel ready, then you can just head over to one of our recommended online sportsbooks, register, claim your bonus and start betting on your favorite NBA team!

How to Make an Over/Under Bet

Let’s look at an example over under bet.

We will imagine that the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Golden State Warriors. The sportsbook will be providing money line odds on the outcome.

  • The online sportsbook has set the line at 215 points. This means that the combination of points scored by both the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors will be either under or over 215.
  • The money line odds for over is given at OVER: – 250
  • The money line odds for under is given at UNDER: +200

Looking at the odds, it is clear that the sportsbook believes that the score is more likely to be over 215 than under 215. You need to decide what you think is more likely

  • If you bet on OVER, you would need to bet $250 to win $100 – so if you bet $100 you would win $40
  • If you bet on UNDER, if you wager $100 then you would win $200.

Obviously, betting on under gives a bigger return, but you need to make sure that you research previous games and form carefully – as winning $40 from a $100 bet is better than winning nothing!

Other Types of NBA Bets

The great thing about NBA Over Under bets is that they can be combined with other popular NBA bets. Here are some bets that you can combine with an Over/under bet to add to your winnings:

The Point Spread

One of the most popular types of bets to combine with the over under bet is the NBA point spread bet. This was originally created to balance out the teams when there was a clear favorite team and a clear underdog team. This would encourage punters to potentially back a weaker team and still have the chance of winning. The two teams playing are listed as either the favorite or the underdog. The favorite team is basically the better team with a stronger form – and this means that backing them would require giving up a number of points. You will be able to see which the favorite is at they will be the team with the minus (-) sign before their point spread. Whereas the underdog will have a plus (+) before the point spread:

So – for example:

  • Boston Celtics -10
  • Los Angeles Clippers +10

The Boston Celtics are deemed to be the favorites – and would need to win the game by eleven points. If you wager on the LA Clippers, the underdogs, then as long as they don’t lose by ten or more points, you will win the bet.

As stated, this wager could feasibly be used in combination with the over under bet – based on the score of both teams combined. So, you could opt to bet on

  • The Boston Celtics to beat LA Clippers at -10
  • The combined score to be under 215

With this, you will combine the odds, which means that you will get an even better return on your wager.

In order to win this, the Celtics would need to beat the Clippers and their score will need to be greater than 215.

NBA Vegas Odds

Betting Over-Under on NBA Games FAQs

Where Can I Bet Legally on NBA Games?

There are now a number of excellent legal sportsbook options available in the US that offer a safe, reliable and completely legitimate way to place ver under NBA bets. Check out our recommended sports betting sites so that you can place your wagers safe in the knowledge that you are being well looked after and will get top-rated service

Where Can I Find Experts to Help Me Win?

Here at Sports INtel, we have access to all of the best experts in the US sporting industry – and those that know everything there is to know about the NBA and NBA betting. So, if you are looking for help and advice to help you make the best choices and the best bets!

Do Most NBA Games go Over or Under?

This depends on which teams you are betting on. If you place wagers on LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs or Toronto Raptors, then they have a higher percentage of over rather than under. However, the other teams trend towards Under results.

What Other Type Of Bets Can I Make On NBA Games?

Aside from Over Under, you can also bet on the point spread and straight-up winner, which are the three most popular types of NBA bets. However, other options include futures betting, first half lines and more.

Who is the Favorite to Win the NBA Championship 2022?

According to most of the top sportsbooks, the favorites this season to take the 2022 NBA Championship is the Brooklyn Nets.

Can You Place Parlay Bets on NBA Games?

Most of the best sportsbooks will allow you to place parlay basketball bets – which means that you can combine your bets and place a wager in multiple odds in combination for a bigger payout if they win. The more legs in your parlay, the bigger your win – but if one of those doesn’t come in, then you will lose the lot!

Which Sportsbook Has the Best NBA Betting Odds?

Here at Sports intel, we point you in the right direction to make sure that you can access the best betting odds for whichever bet you want to make – whether you are looking for NBA betting lines on the total number of points scored, NBA lines on which team wins or whether you want to place a futures bet on who you think will win the NBA Finals. We would always recommend that you compare your top sportsbooks so that not only do you get the best NBA lines – but the best markets and promotions as well.

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