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nhl back in action coronavirus free


NHL Skates Back to Action

NHL Skates Back to Action

The bubble’s working. Not only has the NBA been coronavirus-free, but NHL reports zero positive cases of COVID-19 during the first week being back with its hockey bubbles. This is a huge plus that shows that keeping players and staffers in bubbles really works. The NHL made the announcement on Monday, with the 24 playoff teams in their corresponding bubble cities in Toronto and Edmonton. The results demonstrate a completely different panorama if we compare it with MLB in which many players have tested positive with coronavirus. The sports leagues around the US must adhere to the regulations and policies mandated by the unions and organizations that are looking forward to promoting a safe and healthy environment for all the members involved.

NHL Appears To Be COVID-19-free

More than 7,000 COVID-19 tests have been administered in the NHL since the fourth phase of the restart plan, which ran from July 26 to August 1. That marked the reboot of the games with the start of the qualifying round, and the NHL is following a strict safety protocol now its back, including testing of all 52 members of each team every day. It plans on continuing this for the entire time that the teams stay in the hub cities. Health among players and the staffers is a priority for the league.

Despite the absence of the coronavirus in the latest phase, during Phase 2, the league had 43 positive tests, and this included small groups of individual players skating at the facilities. Now that the league is apparently free of positive cases, this should go on in order to ensure the stability and future of the season.


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NHL Skates Back To Action

Everybody who loves hockey is willing to watch the games if they can’t travel to the arenas. After the four-month break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a long wait. The NHL has all the possibilities of having a great season as long as the virus is kept away, and no new cases are found. Hopefully, the NHL is back, and the 2019-20 playoff qualifiers are now underway.

Connor McDavid’s hat trick helped his team, the Edmonton Oilers, deserve a more respectable opinion with the media in reference to the first game against the Chicago Blackhawks. He suffered hard criticism for his playing and ability to inspire his teammates after they lost Game 1 6-4, but he made amends.

McDavid did a very decent job in Monday’s nightcap, and he gave his detractors a hard time. In the second period of the match, he completed his first career postseason hat trick and imposed a lead the Oilers would not abandon as they rolled to a 6-3 victory. The Oilers are 2nd in the Pacific and need a couple more McDavid surprises to continue their run. The two will face off again tomorrow.

The Jets Even Things Up Against the Flames

The Calgary Flames have taken on the Winnipeg Jets twice now, and neither team appears to be ready to bow out. The Flames took the first game before the Jets rallied in Game 2 to score a 3-2 win. The Jets can thank Neal Pionk and Nikolaj Ehlers for the win, as they teamed up to slip one into the net to score the third, and winning, goal.

Carolina Finds Hurricanes On And Off The Ice

McDavid wasn’t the only one to pick up a hat trick as the NHL was back in action. As Hurricane Isaias was threatening the Carolinas, the Carolina Hurricanes were threatening the New York Rangers once again in Game 2. The Canes ended with a 4-1 victory to lead the series 2-0, thanks to a hat trick pulled off by Andrei Svenchnikov. He can now brag about being the youngest NHL-er (at only 20 years old) since Sean Couturier in 2012 to pick up a trick during any Stanley Cup playoffs.


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It’s great to see all major sports come back to life, even if there are still concerns about COVID-19. If everything can stay on track, and players can use their heads, we might be able to have a quasi-normal sports year, after all.

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