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Draftkings Best Ball & $3M NFL Tournaments

Draftkings Best Ball & $3M NFL Tournaments

It’s almost (we hope) time for some football, and DraftKings is planning to launch a multimillionaire NFL tournament and fan-favorite Best Ball. In an announcement from yesterday, DraftKings is to expand its daily fantasy sports (DFS) offering to make it part of the game variant Best Ball, including snake drafts so it becomes more dynamic. DraftKings also made public a $3M tournament before the start of the 2020 NFL season, offering a $1M top prize. Not a bad way to pick up some extra spending money.

Draftkings Best Ball Ready For Football

Since DraftKings made its incursion into a product that is linked to the NFL season actually making a full run, Best Ball keeps its fans connected to the sports experience offered by DraftKings, and it is expecting to have a more nostalgic season-long outcome. The assigned draft format eliminates traditional DFS roster management, allowing customers to make player selections at the beginning of the season. Since most popular US sports leagues are seeking to return to the normal format, Best Ball is seeking to promote DraftKings’ reputation to be in accordance with the American sports fan. As a matter of fact, it will offer customers a new way to get involved with friends and family members due to the prohibition of having massive events and social gatherings.

Paul Liberman, DraftKings co-founder, and president, is committed to keeping customers as a priority and give them the best experience possible. He said of the contest, “As part of a continued commitment to putting our customers first, DraftKings Best Ball is an exciting new feature within our fantasy product that our customers have asked for.” He added, “Leveraging in-house technology, Best Ball provides our DFS customers with a season-long option, supplementing the wide array of game types available on DraftKings. We look forward to this season of sports as our customers experience and compete under this new offering.” DraftKings is eager to make all necessary efforts for the fans and customers who follow all sports closely.


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Breaking Down The Contest

Draftkings Best Ball has a draft process known as a “snake draft” in which pick order is reversed for each specific round. This is recognized as the favorite format to draft among DFS players. An incredible 93% of respondents in recent studies of this kind showed an important interest in leading with the format. At the present time, the format is only available for fantasy football; however, it will soon be available for fantasy basketball and fantasy hockey, and customers will be eventually ready to deal with daily snakes, sit-and-gos and tournaments with better prizes.

To participate, DFS fans pick their player rosters, and the highest-scoring players become the starting lineup. 20 players are drafted, and the team should include at least one quarterback, three wide receivers, two running backs and one tight end, as well as an assortment to fill in the blanks. Any NFL player on the active roster for any team in the upcoming season can be included; however, contest participants need to pay close attention to last-minute opt-outs.

Play To Get Paid

The entry fees for sit-and-goes run from just $1 up to $530, with prize pools ranging from $2.70 to $6,000. The tournaments, which include four different types, vary in entry fee and payout, with some massive cash prizes up for grabs. Scoring is tied to the performance of the different players during the game.

Explains DraftKings, “Per-person payouts vary by the tournament entry fee.” Using a $3 contest as an example, it adds, “The prize for advancing out of Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 is a ticket to the next round. The payouts listed for Rounds 1 through 3 are for teams that finish behind the winner. In round 1 of the $3 contest, 2nd and 3rd place win $5 and $3, respectively. In round 2, 2nd through 12th place win $8 apiece. In round 3, 2nd through 12th place win $40 apiece. In round 4, everybody is guaranteed at least $250 in this pool.”

There are certainly worse ways to pass your time while dealing with the coronavirus, than Draftkings Best Ball!


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