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NCAA Football Week 5: Wagering On Better Results

NCAA Football Week 5: Wagering On Better Results

Last Week was bleak so this week must be pretty spot on.

The Thursday game is Navy at Memphis. I like Memphis -10.5 simply because Memphis had had a high-powered passing offense in recent seasons and Navy is a military academy. Great athletes like Roger Staubach (football) and David “The Admiral” Robinson (basketball) have come out of there but barring some wild practice injury today, which they probably had a run-through, no-contact practice, Memphis should cover. Likewise, the total is 54 right now. This could be a parlay play.

Word to the unwashed: Lines change so any preview from Wednesday is akin to shooting an arrow at a target whilst wearing a blindfold. The line above most likely will change to -11. The total might land at 55.5. This means bettors are taking Memphis and the total so the bookies are evening out the book. 50 on one side and 50 on the other.

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The origin of the word “bookmaker” is from 1862 and it meant professional bettor. All words in English evolve, so now it means the person who takes the bet. The reason you pay the juice is to ensure the bet. Your reputation is on the line to pay if you lose and theirs is also at stake so word on the street doesn’t get out that they don’t honor your action. And, this doesn’t matter whether it’s in Vegas, Atlantic City or Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

On Friday, Duke at Virginia Tech: VaTech is –2.5. When Frank Beam retired a few years ago it seemed VATech would have to rebuild but I don’t think they are there yet. Duke plus the points. Although it’s at VATech, be careful.

On Saturday, Texas A&M is at Arkansas: I’ve been watching this rivalry game since I was five years-old. TX A&M is the much better team. They are -23.5. Again, the number might change but Texas A&M is the better team even though it is at Arkansas.

Northwestern at Wisconsin: The Badgers are -24.5 but NW disappointed last week and Wisconsin crushed. Wisconsin minus the number for a medium play. Yet, that is a big number this far into the season.

Wake Forest at Boston College: Wake is -6.5, but it’s at BC but it does not seem it will be a field goal game. My play is Wake.


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Clemson at North Carolina: The Tar Heels have come up but Clemson should cover the -27-point spread. And, they are only about a four-hour bus trip from each other. If Clemson gets there the night before and no Clemson player does anything stupid then it should be fine.

Mississippi at Alabama: The Crimson Tide is -38 at it’s at Alabama. They’ll cover this one. Even the student section at Ole Miss in the past few seasons has shown gaps even at home and Tuscaloosa isn’t that far away: Less than three hours.

Southern Methodist at South Florida: SMU is -7.5 and I don’t understand this but their team records speak for themselves. SMU is 4-0 and USF 1-2. Their schedules are different but maybe SMU has turned the corner since they got The Death Penalty about three decades ago.

Mississippi State at Auburn: Auburn is -10.5. After last weekend, I’d take Auburn for a small play. Mississippi State didn’t play like the upset team they once were.


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Brandon Dane is a native Arkansan. He is a freelance writer based in Florida. He enjoys Dave Brubeck on a Sunday morning whilst making breakfast for some random woman. He attended Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and spent four years studying English and Economics.

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