If anyone expected there to be uncontested sweeps during the current MLB playoffs, they’ve found out that the teams have had different plans in mind.  The race is on and the stress levels are high as several series have been forced to go all the way through five games.  Today is the day that will decide who advances to the National League Championship Series and who goes home for good, with everything on the line.

The St. Louis Cardinals are in Atlanta to take on the Braves for the NL Division Series playoff.  It seemed like the Braves were going to take the series after four games, but a surprise rally by the Cardinals tied things up, forcing Game 5.  Taking the fourth game to the tenth inning on Monday, the Cardinals showed that they weren’t yet ready to throw in the towel.

Tonight’s contest is going to be fierce and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be an interesting game, all the way through to the end.  The Cardinals have proven to have a great deal of stamina as the game wears on and this is most likely where they will be able to secure the win.  Leave it up to pitcher Jack Flaherty to help lead the way, throwing some unique balls that are going to keep the Braves on their toes.

The money line currently sits on the Cards at -115 and they have the run line at -1.5.  With an over/under of 7.5, there’s an opportunity for a small bet, especially since the over/under is currently in the middle on this series at 2-2.

The money was on the LA Dodgers eliminating the Washington Nationals in four games or under, but the Nationals had something else in mind.  They have forced Game 5 in the other Division Series and are hoping to make it to the World Series for only the second time in the franchise’s history.  That desire was evident in Game 4 and will be there again today.

The Dodgers want to go to the World Series for the third straight time and, hopefully, find vindication after losing the last two.  The team was defeated by the Houston Astros in 2017 and then lost last year to the Boston Red Sox.  Led by David Freese, an infielder who has a .571 batting average this season, the team is looking strong.  Add this to the fact that the Dodgers have won seven NL West Division titles in a row and are 14-3-3 against the Nationals since 2000, it would seem that the LA team was close to tasting victory once again.

Appearances can be deceiving, however.  The Nationals are going to have Stephen Strasburg on the mound and he has proven to be a strong force against the Dodgers, keeping them to just one run in six innings during Game 2.  There are also four players who are hitting above .333 in the postseason and this strength is going to prove vital tonight.

Depending on who you ask, the odds have been mixed.  However, the Dodgers have the slight edge at -169 and a run line of -1.5.  An over/under of 7, with -119 pointing to the LA squad, there’s a good chance that the Dodgers are about to advance.