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Daily Picks Dec 6: Hornets … At The Buzzer?

Daily Picks Dec 6: Hornets … At The Buzzer?

To many, today is Friday, the end of the workweek.  To NBA players, it’s just another day in the league, a day to strike and continue working toward making a trip to the playoffs.  Some teams are more than likely already looking past that, knowing their chances of making it are slim, but there are still plenty that are in the running, so let’s have a look at some picks for Dec 6.

Sports Intel Daily Picks Dec 6

The Charlotte Hornets will host the Brooklyn Nets tonight in a contest that sees both teams coming off of wins.  The Hornets brought the pressure against the Golden State Warriors in their last game, taking the victory easily with a 106-91 win.  The Nets also rolled over the Atlanta Hawks, thanks mostly to C Jarrett Allen, securing the victory 130-118.

This should be a tough competition between two teams who are struggling somewhat this season.  The Hornets are 9-14, while the Nets are 11-10, and they both still have a lot to prove.  Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert are out for the Nets, and Kevin Durant has been out, which could cause a little difficulty.  Although Brooklyn is favored to win by 3, the Hornets have a real chance at winning at home.  Coming down to who can make the last basket count for the win, Charlotte should be able to take it.


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Thunder vs Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves are away tonight as they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second of our picks for Dec 6.  They each have won eight games in their last 16 contests – the Thunder has just one win in the past five.  Both teams are coming off of losses earlier this week, and the Timberwolves have been strong this season.  They’re currently third in the Northwest Division and are looking to move up after tonight.

Minnesota has a good offense and knows how to make the baskets count.  However, they’ve had a little difficulty on defense, which they’ll have to address if they expect to win tonight.  Both teams are dealing with a few injuries that have caused some shuffling, but the Timberwolves have enough depth to make up the difference.  They’ll show it tonight when they walk away with the win.

Bulls vs Warriors

D’Angelo Russell, check.  Draymond Green, check.  Kevon Looney, check.  Jacob Evans III, close, but not quite.  Now that the Golden State Warriors can put their starters back on the court, they have a good chance tonight against the Chicago Bulls.  The Warriors have been winless since November 27 and are desperately looking to break the streak.  The Bulls won’t make it easy and have won 84 out of the last 157 games these two teams have played.  On the other hand, the Warriors have won the last five in a row, so they have that going for them.

At this point in the season, with a 4-19 record, the Warriors aren’t exactly sitting on top of the charts.  However, they hope to bring enough power against the Bulls (8-14) to make a difference.  They’ve already beaten them once recently, just over a week ago, and it’s time to see a repeat.

The Bulls have won their last two contests, which would seem to indicate that they’ve found a little bit of rhythm.  With Damion Lee out for a few more days for the Warriors and Stephen Curry down until March, the Bulls have a slight advantage.  Given that they’re playing at home, the advantage increases more, which is why the Warriors aren’t going to be able to find the elusive win tonight – better luck next time.


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That’s it for our picks for Dec 6, good luck with your bets everyone.

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