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Week 14 Slow For The NFL

Week 14 Slow For The NFL

The race for the NFL playoffs is heating up now.  There are no real blockbuster games on tap for the Sunday, but there will still be some exciting action.  Week 14 is here, and those teams still in the running for the postseason need every point they can get.

The Chiefs In The Lead

The Kansas City Chiefs get to go down to Miami and get out of the cold for a few days, but can they beat the surprising Dolphins.  The Chiefs are 11-1 and share the best record in the league at this point in time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but can they win in Miami?

It has seemed at times like the Chiefs were simply playing to their competition that particular week, such as with their recent game with the Denver Broncos.  The Chiefs D let the Broncos stay a little too close until it felt like Kansas City’s young All-Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes shifted down a gear and took over the game.  It’s a good deal if they can depend on that, but the playoffs are coming up and the competition always gets a little stiffer around playoff time.  Still in all, the Chiefs are right up there this year in competition for being the best team in the NFL, and they just might be.  The Chiefs are expected to win by 7 and the Over/Under for the game is 49.5.


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Steelers Look To Bounce Off First Loss

The other team in competition for the best in the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers, led by big Ben Roethlisberger.  The Steelers were on an undefeated roll until they went up against the Washington Football Team and ran up against another seasoned quarterback in Alex Smith, who seems to have everyone in the stadium pulling for him and his comeback effort.  Perhaps that was the stimulus, but the Steelers’ undefeated season came to a screeching halt against the Washington Footballers.

This Sunday, the Steelers get to go up to Buffalo, which is one of the few places in the country where it will be colder than Pittsburgh, to take on the Bills with young Josh Allen at quarterback doing an admirable job. He has his team on top of the AFC East with a record so far of 9-3. With the weather being unpredictable in Buffalo and Big Ben coming to town, Josh Allen may be in for one of the most interesting evenings he has ever had.  Still, the Bills are favored to win by 2.5, and the Over/Under is currently at 46.5.

The Bucs On The Ropes

When Tom Brady moved down to Tampa Bay, many just assumed that the Buccaneers would begin to win right away.  But it has not worked out exactly that way.  As a matter of fact, at 7-5, it looks like the Bucs are likely to miss the playoffs all together if they lose another game.  They play the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday and need the win.  Fortunately, oddsmakers think they will take it, giving them -6.5 on an Over/Under of 52.

The Indianapolis Colts are favored against the Las Vegas Raiders, but many may see it as a pick.  Indy barely got past the Houston Texans last week with some sloppy play.  If that trend continues out in Vegas, this one could go the other way quickly on Phillip Rivers and company.  The Raiders, too, caught a break with the New York Jets and barely squeezed by.  This one will depend on which team shows up to play some football on Sunday.  If they both do, this could be a really good game and the lines are tight.  The Colts are getting just 3 points on an Over/Under of 51.5.

Giants Host The Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are off to take on the New York Giants and this is another game where the weather may play a significant role – it gets cold at MetLife Stadium.  Either one of these teams could take this game and both clubs have shown moments of brilliance this season, but both have disappointed as well. Much will depend on whether Giants quarterback Daniel Jones can play and how well he can play.  Kyler Murray may not be able to move around like a computer game character if the field ices over.  Giants fans probably won’t mind sitting this one out at home and watching on TV, but the -2.5 on an Over/Under of 45 might have them pulling out all the tricks to push their favorite team.


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The New Orleans Saints command the NFC South, but still need to get through a few more games.  This weekend, they’ll face the Philadelphia Eagles in an away game that will continue to see what quarterback Taysom Hill is all about.  The Over/Under is 44 and the Saints are getting -7, but this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

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