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NFL Week 8 Betting Lines And Expert Picks

NFL Week 8 Betting Lines And Expert Picks

Welcome to our new column where we review the previous NFL week and look at the odds and some games for the upcoming weekend.

So, after six weeks of football, here is the skinny: Favorites are 48-55-1 ATS while Overs are 51-52-1.

When it comes to bad beats, I will point to the Browns. Cleveland scores on a last minute amazing touchdown by Baker Mayfield to go up 3. The line is 3.5. So, of course Cody Parkey misses the XP!!! I am a Bears fan, so I will stop here before I write something bad about Parkey. All I will say is, ouch for Browns backers. We can also point to the Falcons, as the line got down to 1.5 before kick-off. Sad to say, but if you bet on the Falcons, you probably saw this one coming. Everyone knew that after Gurley scored that touchdown, the Lions would score…right?


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The ebbs and flows of betting on football, right?

A couple of quick things that stuck out to me otherwise:

  • The Bears are who we thought they were. A team with a very good defense and an abysmal offense. Their flaws were put on full display on Monday Night Football, and they now have the Saints and Titans coming up.
  • MVP Watch still has Russell Wilson in first but guess who is making his way up the ranks. Old man Tom Brady! TB12 put on a show over the weekend and I have him up to 3 in my rankings. I’ll go RW, Rodgers and Tb12. Donald comes in at fourth, after wrecking the Bears OL last night.
  • Last week I asked, who is the worst football team, the Jets or the Cowboys? The Jets were competitive against the Bills, while the Cowboys got rolled by the Washington Football Team. While the Jets seem locked into the No. 1 pick to draft Trevor Lawrence, look for the Cowboys to possibly finish right up there. Unless Jerry goes crazy and trades for a QB. Then anything is possible.
  • I can’t talk about Week 7 without mentioning the Seattle-Arizona game. That was amazing from start to finish and there were five instances where I thought the other team won. Then, of course something crazy would happen like a flag or a quick score, and it would just keep going. Seattle’s defense got exposed a little. Big division game brewing against the Niners in Week 8.

Now, a look at Week 8. First, here are the odds via the SuperBook:

Car -3 EV vs Atl

Ind -2.5 at Det

GB -7.5 vs Min

Buf -3.5 vs NE


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Ten -3.5 at Cin

Cle -3 vs LV

KC -21 vs NYJ

LAR -3.5 at Mia


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NO -2 at Chi

Sea -3.5 vs SF

Phi vs Dal (NL)

LAC Pick at Den

Bal -6 vs Pit

TB -10 at NYG

  • I’m looking at the Titans in a bounce back spot here against the Bengals. They will have the advantage on OL and DL and the number seems short to me. I don’t see how the Bengals stop Derrick Henry from running wild on them. I’d lay this up to 6.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a point-spread as high as 21-points, but here we are with KC-NYJ. If history shows anything, that is way too many points, as teams favored by 19.5-points or more are 16-0 straight up but just 3-13 against the spread. I see this number coming down by kickoff.
  • I like the Rams early at -3.5 against Miami. The Rams showed me toughness against the Bears and they should be able to do the same to Miami. Tua gets his first start, but I’m hearing he is going to be on a very limited playbook.

Make sure you guys check back on the site later this week for my final picks. Thanks for reading this week’s column, and let’s win some money in Week 8.

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