Although the NFL is having to put out a couple COVID-19 fires right now as the New York Giants and LA Chargers report new cases, there’s still plenty of action left on the board for Week 8.  We’re already almost halfway through the season, and things are going to start to get more intense going forward as teams up their game and battle for playoff positions.

This weekend will see a very important NFC East contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, and FanDuel is giving sports gambling fans a chance to liven things up a bit with some promotions for the game.

Take A Shot With A 25-1 Odds Boost From FanDuel

The Eagles currently sit on top of the NFC East and want to retain their position when they take on the third-place Cowboys this Sunday.  FanDuel is giving new users a chance to get in on the action in this all-important game, and is offering them a 25/1 odds boost to liven things up.  The promotion is available now and will run through 8:20 PM Eastern Time (ET) on Sunday, just ahead of the kickoff.

To take advantage of the promotion, which can only be offered to residents of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, users can register with the FanDuel app and make their first deposit using the promo code FD SBK.  That will trigger the option to appear where the normal odds are listed, and then users only have to place their bet to see the enhanced odds and the possible winnings.  There’s a maximum bet of $5 on the promo, but the odds boost means there’s a chance at a huge return.

FanDuel’s Risk Free $1,000 Offer Is Hot

Since there’s so much more action on tap for NFL Week 8, as well as plenty of other sports, FanDuel is giving new users another promo to get excited about.  If the Eagles/Cowboys game doesn’t seem interesting, the Risk Free $1,000 offer for any bet definitely will be.  New users can register with FanDuel, either on the web or through the app, to place their first bet without losing anything if the game doesn’t go as planned.

The Risk Free $1,000 offer is open to everyone FanDuel serves.  To grab it, sign up with FanDuel, make a deposit and place a bet of up to $1,000.  Regardless of whether the user’s team wins or loses, they’ll get paid.  If they win, the bet will be paid out according to the given odds.  However, if they lose, FanDuel will refund the full amount of the bet in the form of a free bet.  It’s an awesome way to guarantee that you can’t go wrong when you get started on FanDuel.

Get The Inside Scoop Before Betting

There’s a lot that has to be considered when it comes to placing a sports bet.  That’s why gamblers like to be able to hear from the experts before making their decisions.  If you want to find out what the insiders think about games, lines and outcomes, check out SportsIntel’s podcasts each week for a fresh take on what hot and what the team likes in the upcoming action.