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NFL Week 12 Action Was Painful And Thrilling

NFL Week 12 Action Was Painful And Thrilling

The NFL Monday Night Football game was almost painful to watch until DK Metcalf came onto the scene early on. The Oxford, Mississippi native is in his second year in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carol loves him. He has a 230-pound, 6’4” wide receiver with an attitude – a coach’s dream.

The Seahawks Overpower The Eagles

Seahawks Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson has got to love it as well.  As targets go, he could not ask for much more. The Eagles coaches put veteran defensive back Darius Slay on Metcalf, but the accomplished cornerback was soon out matched and so frustrated that the matchup became a bit physical and Slay was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The little incident angered DK Metcalf and the Eagles found out that doing that was not a good idea.  The Ole Miss graduate had a career night at the expense of the Philadelphia team and showed football fans everywhere that the Seahawks have a weapon like no other in the league.  Gronk maybe, but not really.


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DK Metcalf finished the evening with his best ever performance, catching 10 of the 13 passes thrown to him for an impressive 177 yards. Apparently he got a little more motivation from Eagles defensive coach Jim Schwartz, who told him before the game, “I was in Detroit with Megatron (receiver Calvin Johnson) but you aren’t there yet,” which was not too well received by Metcalf.  It sent him into the game with a chip on his shoulder even before the incidents with Slay began.

Wentz Can’t Prevail Against the Seahawks Defense

After a slow start, and much speculation from the crew calling the game about backup QB Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz finally got going and ended up having a respectable night, passing for the Eagles only two touchdowns and completing 25 of the 45 passes he threw for 215 yards in the air.  The Eagles tried to rally late and put up a decent effort against a swarming Seahawks defense, but ended up losing the game to Seattle by a final score of 23 to 17.

Wentz threw one interception, but 1 in 45 is not so bad.  He also rushed for 42 yards.  However, Wentz ruined the evenings for many bettors who had money on the 6.5-point favorite Seahawks when he completed a long pass for a touchdown after the outcome of the game was already decided, in what the press calls “garbage time.”  That negated the cover that Seattle bettors thought they had won.

Wilson passed for 230 yards, hooking up with Metcalf for the bulk of his passes but also hitting Tyler Locket, Chris Carson, Jaco Hollister and Carlos Hyde for positive yardage.  Running back Chris Carson, who Wilson was happy to get back off the IR, caught the only touchdown pass of the game for either team.

Seattle moves to 8-3 and is now in first place in the NFC West ahead of the LA Rams. The Eagles dropped to 3-6-1 and are basically out of the playoffs unless something weird happens and they end up winning the NFC East, but only if the Giants and Washington both have meltdowns before the end of the season.


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The Ravens To Finally Play The Steelers?

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc with both the 6-4 Baltimore Ravens and the 10-0 Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Ravens training facility is closed until next Monday and the big game, which was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving evening, was at first moved to Sunday, then to Tuesday evening.  Now, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has moved the game to Wednesday afternoon, with the Steelers still showing as 10.5-point favorites and the Over/Under set at 42.5.

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