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World Series Props: Best of Game 1

World Series Props: Best of Game 1

The World Series showdown gets underway Tuesday night and it’s a battle between two teams that fought hard to reach this point.  The Washington Nationals may have had an easy ride through the playoffs, but the regular season was different they’re ready to make history.  The Houston Astros battled all the way through until the end and are determined to grab another World Series title.  Looking at the position of some of the prop bets, it’s going to be an interesting matchup.

The Nationals are +100 to score first, provided both Max Scherzer and Gerrit Cole start on the mound for the Nationals and the Astros, respectively.  The Astros are listed at -130 to score first.  If both pitchers start the game, odds of a run being scored in the first inning are +150, while sitting at -180 for no run scored.  Whether the game goes to extra innings or not, the chances of the final score ending in an odd number are -180, while even is at +150.

There’s a chance the first game will have to be decided in extra innings – +700, to be exact.  No extra innings is given -1400 odds.  Before it reaches that point, though, the Nationals are looking at +650 odds to win by one run and +850 by two runs.  Should the Astros win by a run, the line is looking at +320 and by two runs, it jumps to +650.


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Looking at what is coming off the mound and the first pitch is going to be a strike, based on the -170 odds.  +110 says it will be a ball, while +450 is in place for the first pitch resulting in a hit.  That’s close to the +400 that is in place for the first pitch leading to an out.

The Nationals have longer odds at taking the first inning with +450 and the Astros are looking at +280.  You could always put money on the inning ending in a tie, but the odds are just -200.  The number of hits aren’t too far apart, with the Astros having the most at +145 and the Nationals at +220.

There’s not much of a chance at a home run not being scored in the game, which is why the odds sit at -120.  It’s possible that a solo HR is seen, based on the +140 odds, but someone could really go for the longshot and put money on the first HR being a grand slam.  Hopefully, no one actually does it, even though the odds are +5000.

The Astros are definitely the favorite to win the series and are able to start with the home-field advantage.  However, the Nationals swept the National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals and are ready for some action.  Most oddsmakers have the Astros ready to take the World Series, but, if the Nationals could pull it off in four games, a wager would be looking at a solid +2500 for a very nice payday.

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