Welcome to our Weekend Cleanup post, where each week I’ll review my gambling picks from, you guessed it, the weekend. Sometimes I’ll lose, but hopefully I’ll win more often. Remember, to always #trusttheprocess. Either way, remember to check back here weekly for my recap. So, let’s jump into it!

Week 2 was beautiful, to say the least. I went 3-1 ATS, hitting on the Atlanta Falcons +2, Los Angeles Rams -2.5, and the Under 45.5 in the Cleveland Browns – New York Jets game.

The Falcons were dogs, but defeated the Eagles straight up 24-20. Atlanta should’ve easily won the game, if not for Matt Ryan, who kept throwing the ball directly through the Eagles. Ryan made up for himself late, when he audibled and hit Julio Jones for a big-time touchdown that eventually won the game.

The Rams rolled the Saints 27-9, but who knows how the game would’ve turned out if Drew Brees did not get hurt. More on injuries later.

Lastly, the Browns-Jets finished with 26 total points, and the Under 45.5 ticket cased. Poor Trevor Siemian was knocked out of the game early, and the Jets third-stringer Luke Falk didn’t fare any better. This game is how you want every wager you make to go. No stress, so sweat. Now I know most of you like the thrill of winning a close bet, myself included, but you need these easy layups sometimes for your sanity.

My only loss came on the Pittsburgh Steelers -4.5, who in my opinion, were in a terrific bounce back spot. And, things were looking good until Big Ben Roethlisberger hurt his elbow. The rest was history. Hey, injuries are a part of the game, and they have a way of evening themselves out if you’ve been betting for as long as I have. Case in point, the Rams bet I won on.

I also won a two-team parlay (+220), with the Broncos +2.5 and Lions +2.5 both covering late. It took crazy things happening in both games to win, but hey, I’ll take it. You need lady luck on your side in gambling.

Lastly, my Survivor pick came through, with the Baltimore Ravens hanging on to beat the Arizona Cardinals. My rationale was the Ravens and John Harbaugh are terrific against rookie quarterbacks, and they came through. With Survivor, my goal is literally to just survive and advance. I’m a big advocate of using big favorites early, because as we saw with injuries to Brees and other QBs, you just never know how these teams will look later in the season. It is better to chalk up and win and to move on.

So, if every week went this well, I’d probably be retired. But, it is a long season and Vegas has beautiful hotels for a reason…I regress.

My early leans for this upcoming week are:

Indianapolis Colts -1, Detroit Lions +7, and Pittsburgh Steelers +7.

Be sure to tune back in for my official picks post, which will drop later this week.