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Week 4 College Football Review: Don’t Badger Our Brandon

Week 4 College Football Review: Don’t Badger Our Brandon

It was not a good week for me. I think my bookie is coming to break my legs if I don’t pay him by tomorrow. I will pay him so I’m not worried. No. Relax. It’s not that bad. I won most of the money back on Saturday and Sunday.

Anybody can misconstrue the parameters of any game. Maybe you didn’t check the weather report. Maybe you didn’t look at the injuries, which there aren’t really any at this point. Maybe you were just looking on your phone and hit the wrong button. Technology is a blessing and a curse. Or, and most importantly, maybe it was just a bad beat.

Let’s get down to business.


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Utah was -4. Loser. I know that USC has always had good teams and while I didn’t bet this game, I thought Utah was solid. I was wrong. Sue me.

I’m 0-1.

Let’s move to a happier place full of dandelions, puppies and kittens.

Florida -14. I went heavy on this game. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. They knocked out Tennessee. I’ve said Tennessee hasn’t had a good program in a while but even I didn’t think they would take a beating like this. It was a good game…for me.

Now I’m 1-1.


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Elon at Wake Forest. Wake was favored, of course, but I didn’t even ask my guy what the number was. I simply bet Wake on the moneyline. 49-7, Wake.

Now I’m 2-1

Southern Miss at Alabama: The Crimson Tide was -39. They covered the number by three points. I almost had a screaming fit like a two-year-old.

Now I’m 2-2 and angry.


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Here is one I stayed away from but the score surprised me. The University of Louisiana-Monroe at Indiana State. It was a blowout. 72-20, ISU. I’m not taking blame for this one because it was directional, not “BET THIS TEAM.” I’m not a tout.

I’m still 2-2…or technically 2-3.

Michigan State at Northwestern: Michigan State was -9.5. This was a disappointing game. MSU won 31-10 and I know it’s Big Ten and kind of a rivalry game but I never thought it would be that lopsided. I normally stay away from Big Ten games because I don’t know enough about the programs. ACC and SEC, of course, but not these teams. I know the history but not the reality.

Now I’m 2-3 and even angrier. (2-4)

The University of California at the University of Mississippi: Ole Miss was -2.5. I was surprised Ole Miss lost in The Grove, the name for their stadium area, but it happens. I went lightly here. Cal 28-20

Now I’m 2-4 and there is steam coming out of my ears. (2-5)

Louisiana State at Vanderbilt: LSU was -24 but they are at Vandy. LSU is the stronger team but Vandy has been coming up like Wake, Duke, South Florida, etc. LSU punished them. I sat this one out because it was at Vandy. LSU 66-38.

I moved on as I drank beer to ease my pain on Saturday.

Michigan at Wisconsin: The Badgers were -3.5. This marquee game was a gamble. I took Wisconsin for about three times the amount I’d been betting. I said I’d stay away but I could not help myself. I had to make back some of the money I’d lost. Double up to catch up. Or, in this case triple up to catch up. Wisconsin 35-14.

Now I’m 3-4 but I’ve made enough back to be in no jeopardy.

Late Saturday afternoon was Louisville at Florida State. FSU: -6.5. Neither Louisville nor FSU delivered last year. I took Florida State because it was in Tallahassee for a medium play. FSU 35-14.

Now I’m 4-4 and less angry. But no matter how many bets a player makes, they are never for the same amounts. You have what you think are your locks and then there are iffy bets that you just don’t lay so much and then there are complete gambles. We all do it if we know how it works.

Good players adapt.

Auburn at Texas A&M: TX A&M was -3.5. The crowd at College Station is loud and crazy.  Auburn won outright, 28-20. I stayed away but secretly rooted for A&M.

Notre Dame at Georgia: UGa and ND were both undefeated. Georgia was -14.5. The score ended up being 23-17. That was a big number against Notre Dame even though Georgia has superior speed. I couldn’t figure out why the oddsmakers would give Georgia over two touchdowns. It was in Athens and even though that crowd is SEC rowdy and UGa is still No. 3 in the Top 25. I took ND. Georgia didn’t cover the number. In real bets I’m 5-4. As far as this column, 5-6. But as I said: Good players adapt.

Brandon Dane is a native Arkansan. He is a freelance writer based in Florida. He enjoys Dave Brubeck on a Sunday morning whilst making breakfast for some random woman. He attended Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and spent four years studying English and Economics.

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