Ten games made the NFL lineup complete yesterday and also made it difficult to keep up with all the action.  However, Week 5 was pretty much everything that was expected, along with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.  Cap it off with some questionable calls on the field and Sunday’s football rundown is phenomenal.

Not many people would have expected the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.  They lead the AFC West and were undefeated until yesterday when the Colts, 2-2 before the game, came in with a surprise attack.  The Colts defense was all over quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the offense was just as adept at keeping the plays alive.  In the end, helped by a touchdown run by quarterback Jacoby Brisset, the Colts secured the win 19-13.

The Dallas Cowboys were certain they had an easy win against the Green Bay Packers.  The Packers had a different take on how things would play out as they traveled down south and showed that they knew how to figure out the Cowboys’ secrets.  The boys from Dallas may be on top of the NFL East, but they didn’t show up to the game yesterday, as a weak offense couldn’t keep the defense at bay.  The Packers, leading the NFC North, brought the noise and took the victory 34-24.

The Denver Broncos are at the bottom of the AFC West, going into yesterday’s game against an only-slightly better LA Chargers winless.   However, it became obvious that the team was out to put one in the W column and would stop at nothing to make it happen.  Forcing one takeaway – its first of the season – helped, as the Broncos went on to win against the Chargers 20-13.

The New England Patriots, simply because the NFL makes teams play games even when the outcome is known, walked all over the winless Washington Redskins, 33-7.  Tom Brady was able to take a little time off and New England’s defense, thanks to a poor ‘Skins offense, kept its record of only allowing one offensive touchdown the entire season.  The Pats are now 5-0, the only team in the league to have an undefeated record this season with more than four games played.

The Baltimore Ravens almost had to eat crow.  The team leads the AFC North and should have had a pretty easy go of it against the then 1-3 Baltimore Steelers.  Perhaps frustration is what caused Earl Thomas to give a questionable hit to Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph that resulted in a penalty, and possible fine.  The Steelers apparently took it personally and forced the Ravens to fight with everything they had, only allowing a 26-23 Ravens win in overtime.

The New York Jets aren’t having an easy time finding their footing.  The team has lost all four games it has played, including yesterday’s blowout at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles.  At this point, it seems like the only team they might be able to beat is the ‘Skins, but even that’s doubtful.  The Eagles rolled over the Jets 31-6.

The Minnesota Vikings are tied for last in the NFC North with the Chicago Bears, each with a 3-2 record.  So, when they were getting ready to take on the New York Giants, most expected the team to fall.  Leave it up to the Vikings to always be rebels, though, and never be willing to go down without a fight.  A 28-10 victory shows that there is still a lot of life left in the team and it’s way too early for it to be discarded.

Teddy Bridgewater still shows that he is the best possible New Orleans Saints quarterback after Drew Brees.  He put the ball in the end zone four times and the Saints defense made easy work of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win 31-24.  This was Bridgewater’s third consecutive victory and the preseason predictions of the Who Dat squad heading to the Super Bowl look more likely every day.

As the Bears and the Oakland Raiders took to the turf in merry ol’ London, the Bears were going to win the game.  It seems that they decided to pass around too many pints in the pub the night before, though, as the Raiders managed to secure a 24-21 win.  The way they played, the Raiders are beginning to look like a team that wants to make it to the postseason for the first time this year.

The Atlanta Falcons had no chance against the Houston Texans.  The Texans are, now, at the top of the AFC South and the Falcons are, now, at the bottom of the NFC South.  Yesterday’s contest was lopsided from the start and didn’t hold anything back.  The 53-32 victory proved that the Texans are deserving of some extra attention as the season starts to pass over the hump.

The Carolina Panthers may be dealing with a couple of key injuries, but they are proving to be a strong force in the NFC South.  With players like Christian McCaffrey, it would be difficult to expect anything else and, with a better quarterback in Kyle Allen, the Panthers are anything but done for the season.  Taking the victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-27 proved this once again.

One of the most exciting games was probably the showdown between the LA Rams and the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks are destined to make it far this year and showed why yesterday.  They don’t give up until the very end and beat the Rams through skillful play that kept the action going until the clock expired.  It was the Seahawks who would ultimately taste victory by just one point, 30-29.

When two last-place teams get together on the field, anything is possible.  This was true yesterday as the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals squared off, but the Cards were able to hang on long enough to grab the win, 26-23.  It was the first win for the team this season, but that isn’t saying much since the Bengals are winless across all five games they’ve played.