Just a little more than a week from now, NFL free agency deals will start to be thrown around the league.  Some of these are more valid than others, and teams are going to have to scramble to put together the right deals with the money they have available.  March 18 marks not only the start of free agency, but the end of the signing period for signing unrestricted free agents, and there’s a lot of QB plotting moves, and a lot at stake for teams looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Which QB Plotting Moves?

What happens with Tom Brady is still up in the air.  It isn’t clear if he’ll remain with the New England Patriots or look to go somewhere else, but he apparently isn’t too concerned with what may be coming.  While team owners and head coaches are busy crunching the numbers, he is busy putting together his own production company, 199 Productions.  The company, whose name comes from his place in the draft, will focus on documentaries, feature films and TV shows and is made possible with a partnership with Joe and Anthony Russo.

Marcus Mariota might soon be wearing a Philadelphia Eagles uniform.  The Tennessee Titans quarterback is reportedly being considered to fill a spot behind Carson Wentz, who dealt with a number of injuries last season.  Mariota hasn’t exactly been the most consistent QB in the league over the past several years, but at least he knows how to throw touchdown passes, even if it is to himself.  In the 2017 AFC Wild Card game against the KC Chiefs, he was looking for a receiver in the end zone when the ball was blocked by Darrelle Revis.  As it bounced back, Mariota caught it and slipped into the end zone to score.

The New Orleans Saints aren’t going to let Taysom Hill go anywhere.  The restricted free agent will stay with the team regardless of whether or not another team tries to scoop him up.  If a franchise puts up a contract offer for the quarterback, the Saints will use a first-round tender option on him, giving the team the ability to either offer the same amount or, if the price is too high, pick up a first-round draft choice in return.  Whether or not Hill is as valuable as a first-round pick is questionable.

George Fant and Germain Ifedi are expected to be giving up their Seattle Seahawks uniforms very soon.  In exchange for what is anyone’s guess, but the linemen, despite having a great deal of talent, could be seen as less valuable than a draft pick or a salary-cap friendly free agent.  Both are expected to pick up top dollar in a trade, so it’s doubtful they’ll be disappointed with a switch.

Tre Boston might soon be switching teams – again.  He played two seasons with the Carolina Panthers before single seasons with the LA Chargers and the Arizona Cardinals, only to end up back in Carolina on a one-year contract last year.  Now, the safety is apparently getting some attention from other teams, including the Cleveland Browns, and might be packing up once again.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t ready to give up Dak Prescott.  The team is ready to use the franchise tag on him, which it would have to do by this Thursday, and has reportedly presented yet another offer to the star quarterback.  Prescott has already turned down the team’s suggestion of $33 million a year, and has now supposedly been offered almost $34 million, with other, unspecified perks.

There actually exists a ranking of the worse free-agency deals in the NFL, courtesy of Bleacher Report.  The award for the worst deal ever has been given to the Houston Texans for their decision to give a contract to Brock Osweiler.  The deal was worth $72 million, but he only lasted one season before being traded to the Cleveland Browns in 2017.  That year ended up being lucrative for Osweiler, as the contract included $37 million in guaranteed money.