The NBA is coming back July 30 and not a moment too soon for basketball fans who have been deprived a proper conclusion to the 2019-20 season since Rudy Gobert’s positive coronavirus test March 11 that set off the worldwide cascade of sports league cancellations. Now, the NBA will look to finish what it started with a 22-team “bubble” at the Disney Resorts in Orlando, an eight-game finish to the regular season and four best-of-7 playoff rounds to determine a champion. We take a look at each of the teams involved as we move closer to the official return and we’ll start by looking at the Phoenix Suns team in our Sports Intel preview:

Phoenix Suns Team Preview 2019-2020 Re-Boot

(26-39, 13th in West, 6 games behind No. 8)

Where we left off: The Suns had already improved by seven games over their 2019-19 win total with 17 to play when the shutdown hit, and there is every reason to think this mostly young team has tremendous room to grow heading into next season. Devin Booker is a legit star, Deandre Ayton is an emerging force in the middle and Kelly Oubre was having a breakout season before his knee injury. There are still miles to go before the Suns are a playoff contender, but there is more than enough room for optimism here.

Remaining schedule: July 31, Washington Wizards; Aug. 2, Dallas Mavericks; Aug. 4, LA Clippers; Aug. 6, Indiana Pacers; Aug. 8, Miami Heat; Aug. 10, Oklahoma City Thunder; Aug. 11, Philadelphia 76ers; Aug. 13, Mavericks.

Projected starting lineup: G: Devin Booker, Ricky Rubio; F: Cam Johnson, Dario Saric; C: Deandre Ayton

Key injuries, absentees: F Kelly Oubre (knee)

Odds to Win Title: 10,000-1

Can they win it all? Of course not. Even if the Suns go 8-0, all sorts of insanity would have to take place to allow them to pass all the teams ahead of them in the NBA standings. But the Suns can and will use these games to evaluate talent, like the newly-signed Cameron Payne and continue their rebuild into 2021.

That’s it for our preview of the Phoenix Suns team ahead of the NBA regular season re-boot, come back soon to see what we think of the rest of the teams involved in Orlando.