Much like Luka Doncic wearing a paid of Nike, the NBA is a non-stop, ball-dribbling machine.  Blink and you could miss something important.  This week sees the shuffling continue as teams are still working on fine-tuning their organizations in hopes of seeing the playoffs, or at least not being completely ridiculed by poor performances.

Pau Gasol is off the Portland Trail Blazers squad.  He has been waived by the team due to recent foot surgery that hasn’t recovered the way anyone had hoped, and he plans on focusing all his attention on his rehabilitation, according to a tweet he posted yesterday.  He added that he will have a “different role” with the organization, but didn’t elaborate on what that might be.

Doncic Wearing Nike Sneakers?

Next up in NBA betting, sneakers.  Anything’s possible and every gambler loves a unique bet.  Luka Doncic is now a “sneaker free agent,” but was caught on film wearing a pair of Jordans.  Tim MacMahon pointed it out, tweeting, “Sneaker free agent Luka Doncic, fresh off a 42-point triple-doubles wearing Under Armour, is warming up in a pair of Jordans.”   A short time later he was apparently seen wearing Pumas, so there might be a battle coming.  Odds on Doncic signing with Nike?  It would be worth some serious cash at this point, especially since the Dallas Mavericks star outplayed the entire Golden State Warriors squad in the first quarter of their recent matchup.

Stanton Kidd is out as a Utah Jazz.  He has been less than impressive this season, even being named “Least Valuable Player” this past September.  In his place, Juwan Morgan is apparently about to come aboard.

Carmelo Anthony is officially an NBA player again.  He’s back after signing a one-year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers and was on the court this past Tuesday for the first time.  Sporting “00” as his number, he has found support from across the league, even from the head coach of the New York Knicks, David Fizdale.  His number, according to a statement, is as important as his return to the league.  He said on Instagram, “…I had to achieve the tranquility of spiritual maturity through the guidance of the Universe.”  The 00 is actually meant to represent ∞, the symbol for infinity, which he says “can never be given an exact value.”

New Jerseys For Mavs & Celtics

The Mavericks have a new jersey.  From the organization’s point of view, it is “inspired by art.”   From fans’ point of view, it could have been inspired by something that isn’t safe to print due to potential viewership by younger audiences.  The responses to the reveal on Twitter have been just as colorful as the jerseys themselves.

The Boston Celtics have also jumped on the jersey-changing train.  They have released a throw-back uniform that is designed to pay tribute to Boston’s history, as well as revitalize the uniform the Celtics work in 2006.  They probably could have picked a different year, though, since they went 24-58 and finished 15th in the Eastern Conference.

A jersey change may not be the only thing coming to Boston.  There is talk, although nothing even remotely close to being official, that a trade could be coming as the team tries to reverse course on its season.  Sean Deveney, a sportswriter and author, believes that Gordon Hayward might be a candidate for a trade, but the team’s GM, Danny Ainge, isn’t planning on making any moves.  At least, he’s not planning anything in the public’s eye.