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Daily Picks Nov 22: Pistons, Wizards To Previal

Daily Picks Nov 22: Pistons, Wizards To Previal

Grab a seat and get ready for some hoop action tonight, as we look at our daily picks for Nov 22.  As poorly as the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks have been performing this season – they’re both 4-10 so far – this should be an interesting game.  The Hawks have lost ten of their last 12 contests and some might argue that this is partly due to John Collins being suspended for violating the league’s drug policy.  But, he can’t take all the blame.

Sports Intel Daily Picks Nov 22

The Pistons haven’t exactly been bringing their game, either.  They’ve lost five straight and have had an extremely difficult time on defense.  The only upside is that they have one six of the last ten contests against the Hawks.  Both teams are having to deal with some key injuries, but there’s little doubt about the outcome tonight.  As much as the Hawks will try to fight back on the road, they’re going to fall short.

The Charlotte Hornets and the Washington Wizards are fairly well-matched, also.  The Hornets sit at 6-9, compared to the 4-8 of the Wizards, but this doesn’t mean that they’re the better team.  The Wizards have pulled off a couple of surprises already, thanks to the performance of Bradley Beal, Rui Hachimura and others.  There’s a lot of strong offensive talent and this is going to show tonight.


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The Hornets hasn’t put the pressure on where it needed to be, and the offense has been somewhat sporadic.  They’ve lost two of three games on the road, ahead of tonight’s road game, and will no doubt be trying to find some open spots under the net – they won’t be there.  The Wizards just annihilated the Minnesota Timberwolves and the San Antonio Spurs, showing the power that’s there so for this pick on Nov 22, we’re going for the Wizards, all the way.

Can the Miami Heat keep its record up for much longer?  That will be answered tonight when they take on the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls may be looking at a 5-10 season, but they showed some real talent when they took down the Pistons in their last contest.  It will be interesting to see what Jimmy Butler does for the Heat after having once worn a Bulls jersey.

The Heat have won ten out of 14 against the Bulls since 2016.  It comes into tonight’s game the third-best in league defense, even though Justise Winslow has been out, and the offense has been able to overperform on a number of occasions.  The Bulls are going to try to give the Heat a difficult time, but the smart money pick for Nov 22 has to go to Miami taking the win.

The Golden State Warriors meet up with the Utah Jazz tonight and everyone is looking to Draymond Green to boost his team.  His still questionable due to a number of injuries, but the Warriors are desperately hoping he’s well enough to play.

The Jazz are on a two-game losing streak, but this doesn’t say much for their overall performance this year.  They’ve been strong and are contenders for the playoffs, unless the losing streak continues.  Utah is 9-5 this season, facing a 3-13 team that has suffered some of the most humiliating losses of the season.  Is there any doubt how this game is going to end?


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The LA Clippers are at home tonight, ready to welcome the Houston Rockets.  The Clippers showed exactly what they were made of when they took out the Lakers at the beginning of the season and have continued to impress ever since.  They’re now 10-5 0 – you can’t win them all – and are looking to bounce back from a near-miss against the Boston Celtics.  They won that game, but just barely, and want to redeem themselves tonight.

The Rockets are 11-4, so there’s no doubt that this is going to be an interesting contest.  James Harden had an awesome game against the Denver Nuggets, recording 27 points and seven assists, and is looking to bring all that energy back tonight.  His talent wasn’t enough to give the Rockets the win, but he takes it all in stride.  Houston had won eight in a row prior to that loss and tonight’s game is going to be full of non-stop action, most likely with a few lead changes.  However, the Clippers are going to prove to be too strong, especially on their own court, and will take the victory.

That’s all for our NBA picks and parlays for Nov 22, good luck everyone!

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