There are only a handful of Monday Night Football games left in the season and it’s down to the wire for a few teams.  The Baltimore Ravens take on the LA Rams tonight in a game that the Rams desperately must win if they want to have any shot at a postseason appearance.  That’s going to be difficult if they can’t keep their players healthy.

Rams Must Win For Postseason

The Rams have one of the most effective defenses in the league thanks, in no small part, to defensive tackle Aaron Donald.  He is on top of the charts this season and has proven flexible and versatile, able to line up anywhere on the defensive line without trouble.  Add on Dante Fowler, Jr. and Michael Brockers, and the Ravens are looking at some serious power on the line that is determined to stop their advances.

The Rams have another secret weapon, as well, in safety Eric Weddle.  He was with the Ravens for three years and, even if Baltimore changes up its routine, he’ll know some of the moves.  There’s little doubt that he has spent a lot of time with the coaching staff preparing for tonight’s big game.

It remains to be seen, though, if all the power and inside knowledge will be enough tonight.  The Ravens have been doing an outstanding job on both sides of the ball and the offense has been particularly well-balanced.  They have the highest-scoring offense and the league-leading rushing attack.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson has been on an incredible streak, achieving a 105.3 passer rating across six games, thanks to nine touchdown passes, 550 rushing yards and five touchdowns.  Across the entire season, he has completed 185 out of 279 and rushed for a total of 781 yards.  Some defensive coordinators have called him “unstoppable” this season.

The Ravens aren’t the only team tonight with a strong offense.  Quarterback Jared Goff, when he’s on, can get hot.  He has completed 225 passes out of 373 to pick up 2,783 yards and 11 touchdowns.  His best game this season was when he met up against the Cincinnati Bengals, but that victory has to be taken in stride.  If he’s consistent tonight, he’ll give the Ravens defense a difficult time in this must win game for the Rams.

If the Ravens win tonight, it will be their seventh in a row and be a perfect way to ensure a spot in the playoffs.  They’re on top of the AFC North standings, leading the Pittsburgh Steelers by three games, and are generally healthy, considering the tough season they’ve had so far.

The Rams are going to see the return of several of their wide receivers – Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks and Josh Reynolds are all expected to be in the must win game.  They have been out for various reasons, and all three would love to come in and hand the Ravens a major defeat.  As long as the line can hold and give Goff some time, they’ll do it, too.

This game should be intense from start to finish.  Both teams are coming into the contest with fierce determination and a singular goal of walking away with the victory.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see this intensity result in a couple of errors and both side of the ball, but the clock will eventually run out.  When it does, the Ravens will have secured the victory and an almost guaranteed spot in the postseason.