If the weather forecasters are correct, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are in for some warm temperatures and sunny skies for Super Bowl LIV this Sunday.  Leading up to the big game is a different story, but, as long as the current predictions hold up, February 2 is going to see clear skies and decent temperatures that should make for a decent game.  Players and fans alike will be happy.

Weather For Week Up To Super Bowl LIV

Wednesday and Saturday are calling for heavy rains throughout the day, and temperatures are expected to reach as high as 81°, dropping down only to around the 60° mark at night.  The rest of the week will see a mix of weather – some sun, some clouds, but mostly warm.  For the big day, the expected high will be a little lower at just 72° with no adverse weather currently in the forecast.  That temperature is actually a little low for this time of year in Miami.

Weather can be tricky in Miami and can often change at the last minute.  Fortunately, almost always, Mother Nature (who must be an NFL fan) has cooperated and provided clear skies on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of all of the Super Bowls played to date, only one took place in the rain.  That occurred in 2007 when the Indianapolis Colts took on the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI.  The Colts would go on to win, 29-17.

Of course, that one time had to be in Miami, so the upcoming Super Bowl isn’t out of the woods yet.  If Mother Nature takes a day off, whoever takes her place might not be a football fan and may bring in the torrential rains like those seen in 2007.  So far, everyone’s hoping she’s going to be on duty this Sunday.

Should it rain during the upcoming game, Patrick Mahomes could be in trouble.  The Chiefs have a stronger passing offense than a rushing one, and Kansas City is hoping to rely on the quarterback’s aerial ability to help carry the team.  When the Colts and the Bears faced off, the teams racked up a total of six fumbles – five of which went to the opposition – and saw three interceptions, of which all three were lost.  Putting the ball in the air will become extremely difficult if the skies open up.

Despite that one day, however, Miami has had an excellent record when it comes to hosting Super Bowls, so everyone is remaining positive.  The average temperature has hovered around 66.5° and only once has it dropped below 50°.  The average wind speed is about 12 miles an hour, and the wind has never reached strengths of more than 18 miles an hour in a Miami Super Bowl.  After hosting ten games, more than any other city, having the ability to explore stats like this helps teams tremendously when they start putting together their playbooks for the day.

In case anyone’s curious, the coldest Super Bowl was in 1972.  That was when the Dallas Cowboys took on the Miami Dolphins at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans in temperatures that hovered around 39°.  The Dolphins took a beating, losing 24-3.

This Super Bowl LIV will be more evenly fought, especially if the weather holds up.  The Chiefs can play in virtually any weather, although they didn’t have to deal with rain this year, so it’s difficult to say how Mahomes could perform if the skies turn dark.  San Fran had a rain game against the Washington Redskins last October and only managed to put 9 points on the board – the ‘Skins didn’t pick up any.

The Chiefs are still favored to win against the Niners in what will undoubtedly be a close race.  However, there’s one curious fact about Miami Super Bowls.  Of the ten held there, starting with Super Bowl II, the underdog has won more often.  Six games have gone to the dog, with the favorite picking up just four.  Perhaps the +101 Niners look a little better now for your NFL betting on the big game.