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How Does Gronkowski Affect Buccaneers 2020 Odds?

How Does Gronkowski Affect Buccaneers 2020 Odds?

It’s been quite the party in Tampa Bay for the these past two months. First Tom Brady signed with TB in March, and then Tuesday afternoon, previously-retired tight end Rob Gronkowski told the Patriots he’d be interested in playing football again, with his boy Brady at the Buccaneers, of course.

Things moved quickly from there, as over the course of the next half hour, that news turned into a pending trade between the Bucs and New England Patriots.

On paper, that Bucs offense looks loaded, but let’s take a look at how the betting markets have been adjusted since the Gronk move.


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Gronkowski Worth To Buccaneers Odds

Quick refresher, every NFL player is given a value toward the actual weekly point spread. QBs are the big dogs, and are worth the most points on a weekly, and season-long basis when it comes to the point spread. Not many non-quarterbacks are valued enough to affect a line. Not even stud WRs like Odell Beckham or big-time running backs move betting lines as much as you think they would. In fact, most positional players generally affect only the juice or the vig — a charge taken on bets by bookmakers.

Prior to the Gronkowski trade, the Buccaneers were anywhere from +1600 to +1400 to win the Super Bowl depending on the book. Now that they’ve acquired Gronk, they’re down to +1200 at a few offshore books and at DraftKings. So, across the board.

Overall, here’s how Tampa’s other futures changed at DraftKings:

NFC Championship: +750 to +700

NFC South: +145 to +130


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Win total: 9.5 (juice on Over moved from -110 to -125)

To make playoffs: -160 to -225

Multiple offshore books:

NFC Championship: +700 to +600

NFC South: +190 to +140


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Win total: 9 to 9.5

To make playoffs: -200 to -300

DraftKings also posted Gronk’s over/ under for receiving touchdowns at 5. Multiple offshores posted it at 5.5 TDs. PointsBet posted his receiving yards over/under at 750.5. Meanwhile, multiple offshore books posted their number at 650 yards.

I also thought this was interesting and worth sharing: The Saints remain the favorites to win the NFC South, but share the same odds of winning the Super Bowl as their divisional rivals.

Gronk originally retired before the 2019 season after eight years and three Super Bowl titles with Brady in New England. Money wise, he has one year left on his contract worth $10 million.

It is also important to note that Tampa Bay added one of the best Offensive Linemen in the NFL Draft this weekend in Tristan Wirfs. If you are looking to bet the over on any of these Gronkowski or Buccaneers odds, that should make you feel a little better about your wager.

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!

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