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DraftKings Offering Action On Presidential Debate

DraftKings Offering Action On Presidential Debate

It’s almost that time.  Four years have passed since the last Presidential election was held, and this November is probably going to be one of the more contentious election in recent history.

As the countdown continues to Nov. 3, the campaigns will get hotter than the attacks on the Houston Astros.  Regardless of who wins, there will be a lot of interesting events to follow, but we have to get through the election first.

To help keep things from becoming too monotonous, gambling fans have some options so they can stay occupied with things other than the debates.  DraftKings, the powerhouse in the sports gambling and DFS space, is running some betting promotions for the election that are designed to not only keep interest up, but to give everyone the chance to take home some extra cash from the results.


Up to $500 Free Bet


DraftKings Debate Pool

The DraftKings Presidential Election Debate Pool is a great way to get a boost from the election.  It’s a free-to-play pool option that has $50,000 up for grabs and targets Tuesday’s highly-anticipated debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.  Over 4,000 winners will walk away with a piece of the prize pool.

The upcoming debate will be held in Cleveland, and is the first time the two candidates will square off in a public forum to make their case for being elected.  It’s expected to draw a huge audience, with all eyes and ears glued to the TV to follow the comments and gestures Trump and Biden make.  There is still a lot of concern over who should lead the country for the next four years, and this event will help determine who might be the right choice.

Participation in DraftKings’ Election Pool is open wherever allowed by regulations.  Users of the sportsbook will be able to place bets on ten different prop questions, with wagers taken until the debate starts at 9 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday.  The winners will receive their prize money the following day, directly into their DraftKings accounts.

Pocket Up To $5,000

The first-place winner will take home $5,000, the second-place winner $1,000.  Beyond that, prizes range from $100 down to $5, so there’s plenty of cash to be awarded.  Given that a sports gambler just turned $1 into over $4,400 on a three-game parlay this week, there’s a lot someone can do with $5.

Some of the prop bets that are included are how will Trump and Biden greet each other, who will say China first, who will say Dr. Anthony Fauci first and whether or not Biden will, at some point, drop a hint about his Corvette.  The actual topics to be discussed by the candidates will be COVID-19, the Supreme Court, the state of the economy and election integrity, so tuning in is going to be very insightful.  Tuning in while being able to win some free cash makes it that much more appealing.

Fanduel Sportsbook

$1K Risk Free Bet


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