Arkansas State at Georgia: Arkansas State has historically been a mediocre team. I grew up there. I know. Georgia covered the number: UGa -32.5: 55-zilch…UGa. Georgia is No. 3 in the country, I figured if they didn’t give Arkansas State a whipping then they shouldn’t be No. 3 in the country.

Ohio State at Indiana: Ohio State covered -17.5. They might not have made it to the playoff for the National Championship last season but they are a solid team. OSU: 51-10. I suppose the bookmakers were waiting for the departure of Urban Meyer. That didn’t matter. Coaches, like players, can be replaced.

University of Pittsburgh at Penn State: PSU was -17 but could not cover that spread. My bad. I bet this off the button and absolutely thought PSU would cover. Nope. Loser.

I’m still 2-1.

The Citadel at Georgia Tech: GA Tech was -27.5. The total was 57.5.  I almost threw up when I saw The Citadel took it outright. And, it didn’t even go over. This sickens me. It happens. But this is the life we have chosen.

Now I’m 2-2.

New Mexico visited Notre Dame in South Bend. Notre Dame was -34.5. The thing that troubled me about that line is their offense is notorious for being conservative: three yards and a cloud of dust. Yet, New Mexico has never had a strong program. ND busted them up: 66-14.

Now I’m 3-2.

East Carolina University at Navy: Navy was -7.5. They had a decent season last year. Navy won 42-10.

Now I’m 4-2.

Alabama at South Carolina: The Crimson Tide was -25.5. They couldn’t cover last week why should this week be any different? They did not. Alabama 47-23, The math speaks for itself. They lost by 1.5 points.

Now I’m 5-3.

Florida at Kentucky: Florida was -9. Kentucky also had a decent season last year and was at home. Florida wins 29-21 but they don’t cover the spread. Coach Muschamp couldn’t muster his boys.

Now I’m 6-3.

Syracuse at Clemson: Death Valley can be a hard row to hoe. I believed in this game because of last season but Clemson kicked them in the mouth. I understand now why they are number one in the country.

Now I’m 6-4.

I bet what I bet partly from research but mostly from the gut. $100 dollars on each game at -110 and I’m still up +$160. Do that math. No gambler can win all the time. It’s just not in the cards. Never has been and never will be.