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Vik’s Picks March 6! Take Boise St., Points Against S.D. State

Vik’s Picks March 6! Take Boise St., Points Against S.D. State

I’m going to write a daily piece that highlights my favorite daily picks on the sports slate.

Yesterday I finished the day 2-1, just like Wednesday. How about a 3-0 tonight, right?

Anyways, while everyday is a new opportunity and I don’t want to get sucked into the past, I think it’s worth reviewing things each day. This will help us get better as we move forward. So, here goes:


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I bet:

– Boise State + 2(won) – BSU led pretty much wire to wire and won straight up. I wish more bets could go this way.

– UIC -3 (won) – Just like BSU, this one played out perfectly.

– Kings -5 – Got the best number as this one finished at -5.5, but this was a disaster from the jump.

Vik’s Picks March 6

Now, onto today’s card. We have all day college basketball matchups and a four-game NBA slate.


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We did the research for you so, so here are our three favorite bets for today:

Boise State +9.5 at San Diego State

We hit on Boise yesterday, so I am going back to the well again tonight. San Diego State beat Boise State both of the times they faced off this season, but that makes me like San Diego State even more. It is always hard to beat a team three teams. Couple that with the fact that Boise matches up well and we have a recipe for success in this one.

But, because Boise lost the two previous meetings, over 60% of the public is on San Diego State tonight.


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Matchups wise, Boise State has a very strong defense and a very high defensive turnover percentage. What I see as being the key match up is Boise’s 3-point defense, which is ranked 19th in the nation. The Aztecs shot the deep ball well against them both times this season, so I envision some natural regression against a defense that defends the 3. The Broncos also have size and can rebound, which helps limit second chance opportunities.

I see this one coming down to the last few minutes, so I’ll gladly take almost double-digits in points.

Pacers -3 at Bulls

This line reeks of fishiness and I usually love those situations, but tonight, I will fall for the bait and take the Pacers in my NBA picks for March 6.

Both teams are missing a myriad of players, most notably Zach LaVine for the Bulls and Victor Oladipo for the Pacers. But, with that being said, every time these two teams have faced off this season, the Pacers have owned the Bulls. Indiana is 3-0 against Chicago this season. And, it is just not this season. Post the Derrick Rose Bulls, it seems like Indiana has owned Chicago. Just going back the last few seasons, the Pacers have won 11 of 12 and 8 straight against the Bulls.

Indiana has been used to playing without Oladipo, so that should not be an issue. And, even if Brogdon is out, they should still have enough offense to pull this one out.

The Bulls, on the other hand, are going to struggle to score tonight. LaVine is out, and no one other than Coby White can create their own shot. I’d be really surprised if they break 100 points.

Lastly, the Bulls are 2-22 against winning teams this season. This kills me to write being a Bulls fan myself, but it is a dumpster fire in Chicago right now and I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon. Fade Chicago tonight.

Arizona Coyotes +125 at Calgary Flames

Dipping my toes a little in for some NHL betting tonight, as this one is just too good not to pass up. Arizona has been running hot lately, and that provides us with some value in this match up. Their expected goals rate has jumped over the last 15 games, and has gotten even better over their last five games, at 52.1%.

I also see them having the goaltending edge tonight, which is huge. Those are usually the three things I look for before pulling the trigger on a hockey bet. + money, check. Goaltending edge, check. Hot team with good expected goals rate, check.

Let’s get this!

Well, that is all folks. Good luck on today’s picks and parlays for March 6!

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