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Vik’s Picks! NBA All-Star Weekend Edition

Vik’s Picks! NBA All-Star Weekend Edition

NBA All-Star weekend is here! Getting together with my friends to watch the All-Star events has become an annual tradition, so I am looking forward to watching and hopefully winning some money this weekend. Let’s take a look at some odds and my picks for the NBA All-Star weekend.

Vik’s Picks NBA All-Star Action

While the three-point and dunk contests are the more popular individual events, don’t forget about the Skills Challenge. There are some highly talented players in this competition, and this year’s contest features three former winners: Spencer Dinwiddie, Patrick Beverly, and last year’s winner, Jayson Tatum.

First, the NBA odds:


Up to $500 Free Bet


Dinwiddie +380
Middleton +430
SGA +430
Tatum +460
Siakam +700
Beverly +750
Bam +1200
Sabonis +1200

My Pick: Kris Middleton +430

This is one of the toughest competitions to pick a winner in for the NBA All-Star weekend, as an underdog usually always seems to win. As we saw last year with Tatum, the ability to shoot the 3-ball matters, which is why I will go with Middleton as my kind of sleeper pick.

He’s shooting 43.8% from 3-PT land, which is the highest amongst the field. While I love SGA to also be in this thing at the end, his shot scared me a little.

I’ll take the value in Middleton, who will look to show off a little, since his teammate the “Greek Freak” will probably steal the show rest of All-Star Weekend.


Up to $500 Free Bet


Three-point contest participants and odds:

Young +375
Robinson +400
Harris +425
Bertans +450
Hield +550
Booker +550
LaVine +900
Graham +1000

My Pick: Bertans +450 (sprinkle some on Hield if you want a longshot)

There are so many good shooters in this year’s contest, that this is going to be a tough one to win. All we can do is look at the stats and try to see if a couple of guys stick out to give us an edge.


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From deep range aka the logo (the new rule this season), Trae Young is definitely the one who has the advantage. Makes sense, as he is favored. Might be worth it to sprinkle a very small amount on him, because he is a young, exciting player who you know will try to show out tonight.

But two guys I really think are undervalued right now are Bertans and Buddy Hield. That is who I am going to put some real dough on tonight, as I would not be surprised to see either of them win. You are getting 4.5-1 on Bertans and 5.5-1 on Hield, which to me presents some great value.

Bertans is the best catch-and-shoot player in this contest, which of course is what you need to be good at to win this competition. He is also good from deep, which will be needed this year because of the new deep ball rule.

Hield is the most consistent shooter from every spot in the contest, which will ensure that he is going to be there and have a shot at the end. Something that is valuable when you are about to get a 5.5-1 payout.

Slam Dunk Contest participants and odds:

Aaron Gordon -140
Derrick Jones Jr. +250
Dwight Howard +400
Pat Connaughton +650
First, let me start off by stating how disappointed I am that Zach LaVine is not in the contest tonight. Ok, smh, now let’s move onto the pick.

My pick: Derrick Jones, Jr. +250

We have some high flyers but I am going with Jones for a couple of reasons. First, the competition is in Chicago this year, so you gotta pay homage to MJ and his free throw line dunk. You have to. Look at the field, Jones is the only one I am confident in that can actually jump from BEHIND the free throw line.

Also, Kobe. This is Kobe weekend. Jones can do some of the dunks the Kobster did when he won the contest. If Jones can land these Kobe-Jordan type dunks, which I think he can, look for him to win the competition.

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