Some unexpected news impacted the entire NBA yesterday, and has caused more than a few debates across social media. The Brooklyn Nets have hired Steve Nash as their head coach. The Hall of Famer will now be leading the likes of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, but not everyone is convinced he was the right man for the job. That aside, Nash is someone known and respected, and will do everything he can to prove the naysayers wrong.

Coach Nash Descends on Brooklyn Nets

The two-time NBA MVP and eight-time All-Star becomes the 23rd head coach in the club’s history. The decision was made by general manager Sean Marks and Nets owner Joseph Tsai, who both chose to recruit Nash, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Marks states that choosing a new head coach was not an easy task, stating, “After meeting with a number of highly accomplished coaching candidates from diverse backgrounds, we knew we had a difficult decision to make.”

He adds, “In Steve we see a leader, communicator and mentor who will garner the respect of our players. I have had the privilege to know Steve for many years. One of the great on-court leaders in our game, I have witnessed firsthand his basketball acumen and selfless approach to prioritize team success. His instincts for the game, combined with an inherent ability to communicate with and unite players towards a common goal, will prepare us to compete at the highest levels of the league.”

The Nets have decided to keep their prior head coach, Jacque Vaughn, as a lead assistant to Nash. He is actually the highest-paid assistant coach in league history as a result, and is still an important asset for the club.

Marks explains, “We are thrilled to retain Jacque as a leading member of our coaching staff. Jacque has been an integral part of our program and a key contributor to the growth and development of our entire organization.  His role in developing our players both on and off the court and his influence driving our culture have been invaluable.”

The Nets Take A Risk

Steve was chosen because of his background and experience as a player. It’s exactly what the Nets were looking for as they look to make a bigger impact than they did in the current season. Marks emphasized the management and leading skills as coach that would drive Nash to do a great job with the Nets team.

Nash sounds like a flashy, attractive and resounding name that will impact New York. We’ll see how this turns out. He is part of the Hall of Fame, having been inducted in 2018, but he doesn’t have any coaching experience. He actually outsmarted seasoned coaches to get the job, which is why some have an issue with the selection.

After retiring, Nash spent some seasons as a basketball consultant. He worked with Golden State Warriors players, which gave him deserved praise in the league. Even though, he doesn’t hold any experience as a coach, his 18 years as a player and continued involvement gives him the skills needed to be an outstanding candidate for a coaching position.

The path to becoming a head coach is a long one. The challenge of working as an NBA head coach without having prior experience has yielded good results for some, like Doc Rivers. But it has not worked out at all for others, for instance, Magic Johnson and Derek Fisher.

Nash Gets Praise From The NBA

The important thing here is that Nash has the support of Durant and Irving, who will be there to help him, according to Mark Spears of ESPN. Spears adds, “New Nets head coach Steve Nash has the ‘confidence’ of Kevin Durant and the backing of Kyrie Irving after having a relationship with both for years.” On Durant, Nash told @TheUndefeated: “He’s one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen and to have his confidence is really important.”

The challenge coach Nash is facing at the Nets is a big one, but if he stays close to these two guys, he is undoubtedly going to make it.