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Sportsbooks Turn on the Promos for Thanksgiving

Sportsbooks Turn on the Promos for Thanksgiving

It’s time to give thanks for a lot of reasons, and sportsbooks are giving theirs. They are thanking users for their support by offering some even better deals than usual. Thanksgiving is here, and the sports action is just as sweet as the holiday.


NFL Thanksgiving Day: 30-1 on any team to win their matchup

FanDuel Sportsbook is a must-stop for updated promo codes applicable to major sports leagues. This Thanksgiving season is no exception, and FanDuel has released major offers to enhance users’ betting experience. Find out more about FanDuel’s Thanksgiving offers and promotions, which are applicable only for this holiday, and don’t miss on any chances to take full advantage as you bet on your selected top team.

Starting with NFL Thanksgiving promos, FanDuel is offering 30-1 betting odds on any team to win their matchup! This code is applicable for new users only and for all Thanksgiving games played on November 25. Offer still applies for bets placed between November 22 and November 25, 1 PM EST. The offer applies for a maximum bet of $5 and can be used on all live SBK States. Remember that the offer stands for any team of your pick to win their Thanksgiving Day game matchup so don’t miss any potential action!

Fanduel NY, NJ, CO, PA, MI, IA

$1K Bonus Bet


To get the NFL Thanksgiving Game offer, make sure to register into FanDuel if you are a new user. Proceed to make a first-time deposit, and then place your first real-money wager on FanDuel Sportsbook by making your pick of your winning team. All wins will be addressed within 72 hours, so don’t hesitate and register to FanDuel to claim your offer.

The offer is applicable for in-app only and a deposit is required. If you are registering through your desktop, pop-ups carrying instructions on how to claim the offer after you register will be available. Make sure to read and follow all instructions as indicated by FanDuel. In case you are accessing the platform via mobile, instructions will be provided on how to download the specific app to make your deposit.

Make sure to take the following notes into consideration. If you take advantage of the Thanksgiving Game Betting Promo, you will not be eligible for any other specific acquisition offers. Other conditions may also apply. Please refer to the FanDuel website for more details.

Sportbook Black Friday Registration Offer: Sign up & Get $50 in Sportsbook Site Credits

FanDuel is also releasing Black Friday Registration offers. Sign up with FanDuel and receive a $50 credit applicable for sports bets. The offer is exclusive for new users only and is valid from November 26 to November 30, 3 AM EST. The offer is valid for all sportsbook states.

Fanduel NY, NJ, CO, PA, MI, IA

$1K Bonus Bet


Keep in mind that while the Black Friday Offer is up, the original RFB1000 offer will not apply from November 26 to November 31, 3:01 AM EST. To claim your Black Friday Registration Offer, make sure to sign up to FanDuel and apply for the offer during the validity period. Offer is applicable in the app only and a deposit is required.


Boost Your Odds

Make sure to visit Caesars Sportsbook for all current promo codes applicable for Thanksgiving Day Game Matchups. Caesars is putting out a series of Promos on NFL Thanksgiving games, and all users are welcome to sign up and apply. Head to Caesars Sportsbook right now to check the newly applicable offers for Thanksgiving Day.

Caesars is offering a $100 Max bet on Thanksgiving Day NFL Boosts. The offer is applicable to all games played on November 25 only. Check out the following boosts as offered by Caesars:

  • Bears TD is 1st Scoring Play in Bears @ Lions On 11/25 BOOSTED to +180 
  • Lions Win By 1-6 Pts vs Bears On 11/25 BOOSTED to +400 
  • Lions, Cowboys & Saints All Win on 11/25 BOOSTED to +850 
  • Bills -3.5 +1.5 Both Cover On 11/25 BOOSTED to +260
Caesars NJ

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars


Make sure to take advantage of all offers released by Caesars. Prior to placing any wagers on your selected top picks, verify all terms and conditions applicable to Caesars’ Thanksgiving offers. Check out the sportsbook’s website for more details and other conditions that may apply.

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