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NFL Week 10 Betting Lines And Expert Picks

NFL Week 10 Betting Lines And Expert Picks

Welcome to our new column where we review the previous NFL week and look at the odds and some games for the upcoming weekend.

So, after nine weeks of football, here is the skinny: Dogs are now 76-57 ATS…meaning they are barking this season. WOOF WOOF!

When it comes to bad beats, there is one bet that comes to mind. If you had the LA Chargers, you can’t be happy. As my editor Jeff likes to say, “the Chargers gonna charger.” It came down to the last play, but it seems like it always does with this squad. If you’ve read my column, you know I love Justin Herbert and him as a dog, but them as a favorite I just can’t do because of their coach, Anthony Lynn.


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The ebbs and flows of betting on football, right?

A couple of quick things that stuck out to me otherwise:

  • MVP Watch still has Russell Wilson but the gap has closed big-time. Patrick Mahomes is having an insane year, which so far, looks even better than his MVP season. I have him at 2, Aaron Rodgers at 3, Tom Brady at 4 and a newbie in the 5 spot. Welcome Dalvin Cook. If Minnesota can keep going and they do somehow get into the playoffs, Cook would have a case.
  • Speaking of Wilson, he’s been carrying the Hawks this season, but it doesn’t look sustainable with that defense. They got rocked against the Bills and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams do the same thing to them again this Sunday. Let’s see if Russ can keep cooking.
  • Are the Raiders underrated? I lean to yes. It doesn’t seem like anyone is talking about them, but that offense can ball. Derek Carr is playing well and Jon Gruden aka Chuky has really shifted the culture of this team. Their defense is terrible, but they are quietly making their way into contending for the playoffs.
  • The Miami Dolphins are for real! This is another team that you have heard me talk a lot about in my columns and on our pod. I love their coach Brian Flores and I see them just getting better and better. While I don’t think they have a good spot this weekend, this is a team on the come up and will be in the playoffs soon.

Now, a look at Week 10. First, here are the odds via the SuperBook:

Ten -2 vs Ind

Pit -9.5 vs Cin

Det (NL) vs Wsh

Cle -1.5 vs Hou


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GB -13.5 vs Jax

Phi -3 at NYG

TB -4.5 at Car

LV -4 vs Den


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Ari -1.5 vs Buf

LAR -1.5 vs Sea

NO -6.5 vs SF

Bal -7 at NE

Mia -1 vs LAC

Min -2.5 at Chi

  • I’m looking at the Bucs early. They just got embarrassed on TV. On the flip side, the Panthers played the Chiefs tough, so the public will be on the Panthers because of recency bias.
  • Call me crazy, but I like the Bears in this spot. Chicago’s defense has owned Kirk Cousins and contained Dalvin Cook the last 2 seasons. This is a good spot for them as everyone will be on Minnesota.
  • I like the Bengals early at +7 or more. Backdoor Burrow loves to come through and Big Ben is beat up and probably won’t be with the team this week due to the COVID-19 concerns.

Make sure you guys check back on the site later this week for my final picks. Thanks for reading this week’s column, and let’s win some money in Week 10.

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