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Week 11 NFL Recap: True Story With Trubisky?

Week 11 has been pretty solid in the NFL with, fortunately, no one else using a helmet as a battering ram.  The intensity wasn’t any less than before; it was just without all the added drama.  That is, unless you’re a Chicago Bears fan.  There’s something going on with Mitchell Trubisky, but exactly what is happening isn’t known, let’s have a look at NFL week 11 in our recap.

Sports Intel NFL Week 11 Recap

About all that has been revealed so far about Trubisky is that the quarterback took a shot sometime in the second half of the Bears game against the LA Rams.  It could have been one of several hits, since the line didn’t hold very well for him, and Trubisky was ultimately pulled from the game toward the end.  His absence probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference, as the Rams had control of the game and ultimately won 17-7.

However, if the talk of a hip injury, which Trubisky has acknowledged, proves to be serious, it could mean an end to his game time.  He’s already had a disappointing season, only passing for 1,390 yards and eight touchdowns, and it might be time to bring in some fresh blood.


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As we recap week 11, it looks like the Carolina Panthers are seriously putting more distance between themselves and the NFL playoffs.  The Atlanta Falcons surprised the New Orleans Saints last week and came back to wallop the Panthers, 29-3, this week.  It didn’t help that Kyle Allen threw four interceptions, including one in the end zone that would have otherwise been a touchdown.  The fact that the Panthers held the Falcons to 55 rushing yards on 25 carries shows that there’s some signs of life there, but not where they’re needed.

The New Orleans Saints did exactly what they needed to do to keep their playoff dreams alive.  They came in and took control over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “Brees”-ing to a 34-17 victory.  Quarterback Drew Brees is apparently back in form following thumb surgery and threw for 228 yards and three touchdowns.

Alvin Kamara stepped up and put the Bucs defense to shame, while the entire Saints offense ran the show in the first half, maintaining possession for 21 minutes and five seconds.  Kamara walked away 13 carries, ten receptions and a 27-yard punt return, while the defense, led by Marcus Williams, Demario Davis and Vonn Bell, made sure the Bucs couldn’t develop.  A P.J. Williams interception in the end zone with just under three minutes to play sealed the Bucs’ fate.

The San Francisco 49ers overcame a tough Arizona Cardinals team, but there were moments when the outcome was completely undecided.  The Cards came in and took the upper hand, developing a 10-0 lead, before the Niners knew what had happened.  Once they figured it out, it was time to stage a comeback and San Francisco did a good job at it.

However, this one went almost all the way down to the wire, with the Cards leading with only minutes left.  San Fran turned up the offensive heat, pushing the defense all the way down the field to take the lead.  Arizona had one last shot to rebound, but a fumble led to a turnover as time expired, allowing San Fran to win 36-26.  Given that the Cards were 3-6-1 on the season before the game, compared to the 8-1 record of the Niners, this game should have been more lopsided than it was.


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That;s it for our recap of what happened in Week 11 of the NFL, see you soon everyone.

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