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washington hire jason wright as first black team president


Washington Hire Jason Wright, NFL’s First Black Team President

Washington Hire Jason Wright, NFL’s First Black Team President

The Washington Football Team announced that Jason Wright has been hired as its new president, making him the first black team president in the NFL.

This new acquisition took place this Monday morning and is expected to be promising for the future of the team.  Wright joined “Good Morning America” (GMA) to discuss the opportunity and upcoming plans for the team, and sounds very optimistic about the possibilities.

Washington Think Jason Is Wright Man

Wright has been a quite prolific player because he started playing football when he was seven years.  He told GMA, “I think first and foremost it’s obviously very personal for me.  [I] played a decent amount of time in the league and then became a businessman and cut my teeth in some of the best business schools. I have been helping some of the most complex and important organizations around the world transform over the last few years, so for me it’s personal and an opportunity to bring together my two worlds in a really unique way, at a unique time.” The Washington team made a good choice after having chosen this guy as his president; he has a great deal of experience and willingness to contribute for the betterment of the team.


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Jason Wright also stated his opinion on joining this team despite the scandals around, and he’s ready to implement changes from the inside out.  Wright explained, “Part of what excited me about taking this role — we had a phrase when we played that said, ‘you don’t talk about it, you be about it,’ — and I think what I’ve seen from Dan and Tonya Snyder in the hiring of coach Rivera and some of the decisions they’ve made, to have an independent investigator come in around the sexual harassment allegations.”  Wright is aware that the team has taken important steps in fighting the scandals and showing that they are responsible for finding a solution to problems that have posed a threat for the team.  The Washington team has looked for a way to clean up its reputation despite several the bombshells recently.

Jason Wright Has Challenges Ahead

Wright becomes part of the Washington franchise after playing for seven years in NFL as a running back for the San Francisco 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals. He has had an important career in football, and his new team can be sure of his capabilities and talents as a new member for the franchise.  His duties will consider tasks like handling the organization’s business divisions, operations, finance and sales and marketing.  So, Wright will be responsible for many procedures that he will conduct with all the professionalism he has shown.

Wright said in a statement, “The transformation of the Washington Football Team is happening across all aspects of the organization – from football to operations to branding to culture – and will make us a truly modern and aspirational franchise.” Jason Wright, at 38, became the youngest team president in the league. He also holds a B.A. in psychology from Northwestern University, where he was an Academic All-American student-athlete. Undoubtedly, his academic background is suitable for the position he was assigned for.

Washington’s Owner Is Onboard

Dan Snyder is happy with having Jason Wright as part of the team.  He believes in his proven record of helping business transform culturally and financially.  The team owner said, “He is a proactive and assertive advocate for inclusion of all people and will set new standards for our organization, and for the league. There could not be a better duo than Jason Wright and Coach Ron Rivera.”

Wright was hired in a crucial moment for team.  It faced mounting pressure to change its name because it was considered offensive to some groups that fight against social equality, racism, police brutality and unfair conditions for the most underprivileged in the country.  The issue behind the former team’ name became so serious that three of the minority owners were seeking to sell their portions of the company before Snyder relented.  The team was also involved in allegations of sexual harassment, and Wright could be of great help so the Washington can recover its image and troubles reputation.


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