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Saints Can’t Stop The Chiefs On NFL Sunday

Saints Can’t Stop The Chiefs On NFL Sunday

There were some good football games over the weekend, but all anyone wants to talk about on Monday is the New York Jets and their freakish win over the LA Rams. They didn’t become the third team in the history of the NFL to go through a whole season and not win even one game.

The Jets Lose When Winning

The Jets were all set to get the highly coveted number-one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  Now they are getting comments, even from die-hard Jets fans like “you guys can’t even tank right.”  You can’t really blame the players for winning a game, after all, these guys have been playing in competitive sports for most of their lives. Losing all the time has got to be bad for the spirit.

The Rams will still win a spot in the playoffs with a win next week, but the Seattle Seahawks are leading the NFC West now and they are not likely to relinquish that.


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Meanwhile, the mighty New England Patriots, under legendary head coach Bill Belichick, will not be going to the playoffs for the first time since 2008 thanks in part to the Miami Dolphins, who beat the Pats by a final score of 22-12 in one of those mysterious phenomena that occur to certain teams or players in certain NFL venues. New England does not fare well at Hard Rock Stadium and has lost 6 of 8 in Miami.

The Bucs Back In Business

Conversely, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had not made it to the NFL Playoffs since 2007, when most of their current players were in junior high school. Enter Tom Brady, seeking warmer climes and the Bucs may actually make it this year.

Brady passed for 390 yards and scored 2 touchdowns in a tight 31 – 27 victory over the Atlanta Falcons after going scoreless for the first half of the game.  Antonio Brown even got into the act, catching the winning 46-yard touchdown pass from Brady.  For AB it had been 462 days since his last TD pass, which again was thrown by Brady when they were both with the Patriots.  Belichick must have loved that one.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, and Hall of Fame candidate Larry Fitzgerald also scored his first touchdown in 364 days and Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant managed to score his first touchdown in 1,106 days.  What an odd coincidence that all three should end their long dry spells on the same NFL Sunday.

Chiefs Squeak Past The Saints

The Kansas City Chiefs are arguably the best team in the NFL right now.  Patrick Mahomes is nothing less that sensational and facing them on a football field is surely a challenge.  Now there is nothing the Drew Brees likes better than a good challenge.  The New Orleans quarterback, with several cracked ribs and a collapsed lung only three weeks ago, just had to get into this big matchup with the Chiefs and Mahomes.  He showed up and played the whole game, but Drew was not 100%, that was obvious in the first possession.


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Still in all, the Saints gave them as good a game as the Chiefs have played all year and they were lucky to get out of it with a close 32-29 victory over the New Orleans squad. It is still possible that these two teams shall meet again somewhere in the Playoffs, perhaps in Tampa.

Wentz Wants Greener Pastures

Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz is not a happy camper and wants out of Philadelphia as soon as possible. If rookie sensation Jalen Hurts actually wins the starting QB job for the Eagles, Wentz will leave, he says. Hurts scored four touchdowns on Sunday, so perhaps Carson should start looking around for another spot to land.

However, the Eagles were playing the Cardinals on Sunday and, as impressive as Jalen Hurts’ numbers were, he was out gunned by Kyler Murray of the Cardinals who managed to pass for 406 yards and three touchdowns.  He then ran for another, so Arizona stays up there in the NFC’s projected playoff bracket by beating the Eagles 33-26 and holding them scoreless in the fourth quarter.

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