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Latavius Murray of the New Orleans Saints


NFL Teams Making Changes as the Season Starts

NFL Teams Making Changes as the Season Starts

For football fans, tomorrow can’t arrive quick enough. The start of the NFL season is here and, if MLB can get through the season successfully without stopping due to COVID-19, so can the NFL. As usual, league teams are trying to make some last-minute roster adjustments to prepare for the season, and even the league itself is making some adjustments. It has tapped Drake to create some tunes for at least ten games. What games will be selected would make for a good NFL prop bet, but won’t have much impact on team performances. These rosters changes, though, most likely will.

Saints Swapping Players

The New Orleans Saints are making some adjustments before their first game against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday. Running back Latavius Murray is out after reportedly refusing to take a pay cut. Formerly the backup to Alvin Kamara, he was halfway through a four-year, $14.4-million deal and his absence will likely be felt. Over the past two years, he racked up 11 touchdowns – as a backup – and ran for 1,293 yards. The Saints hope that Dwayne Washington and Tony Jones, Jr. can fill in the void.

The Saints are also bringing in Bradley Roby. The cornerback has been picked up from the Houston Texans as part of a trade; however, all of the details haven’t been released. Roby will be out of Week 1 action due to a former suspension over the use of performance-enhances substances, but that will also give him a little time to become more familiar with the team.


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Cardinals Negotiating with Jones

Chandler Jones is hanging onto the Arizona Cardinals, but not by much. The edge rusher didn’t participate in the offseason, leading many to expect that a trade was coming. That never surfaced, however, and, according to a new update from the team. The Cardinals want Jones to stick around, but he might be holding out for more money. That bargaining chip isn’t very big, since he missed most of last year because of a bicep injury.

Jones was credited with 60 sacks across the first four seasons with the Cardinals. If he is healthy enough, he would be a great asset to the team. However, there’s no clear decision at this point, and Arizona is willing to be a little flexible as it looks to be a playoff contender this year.

Texans Pick Up Amendola

Danny Amendola now has a new home. It took a while, but the wait is over, as the two-time Super Bowl champ is now with the Texans. The wide receiver has had an interesting career, bumping around from coast to coast, but it was with the New England Patriots from 2013-2017 that he saw a lot of success. He recorded 230 receptions during his time with the team, amassing 2,380 yards and 12 touchdowns. With the Texans, he only has a one-year contract worth $2.5 million, but it has the possibility of turning into something much bigger.

Elsewhere in the league, Cam Newton is still homeless. After being unceremoniously cut by the Pats last week, he still can’t find a new team. It doesn’t look like anyone is willing to take a chance, either, as several teams have already stated that they have no interest in the former quarterback. The latest team to say no – unofficially – is the Pittsburgh Steelers. While there hasn’t been a statement made by any of the team’s decision-makers, wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster confidently told ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio yesterday, “For myself (sic) and our locker room there’s (sic) no talks about that.” At this point, Newton might want to explore the XFL.

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