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NFL Free Agency News: Ngakoue Seeks Payday

NFL Free Agency News: Ngakoue Seeks Payday

Only about three weeks remain until NFL sees who sprints off the blocks for free agency.  Names like Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, Peyton Barber, A.J. Green and many more are on the expected list – along with over 100 others – and there is going to be a mad dash once the trigger is pulled on the starter’s pistol.

There is still a lot of chaos coming, and teams are calling on the bean counters to break down to the last penny how much money they have to spend.

Ngakoue Seeks Payday in 2020

Yannick Ngakoue of the Jacksonville Jaguars isn’t ashamed to admit that he’d be willing to switch colors if the price is right.  The defensive end has had a great career so far, racking up 37.5 sacks in four years, and believes he is worth a substantial pay raise.  Ngakoue seeks a payday of $22 million a season, provided he can sign a long-term contract, which the Jags would have a hard time matching.


$1K Risk Free Wagers


The Jags, with their franchise tag, could spare $19.3 million for a year, but Ngakoue is more interested in a more permanent deal.  If he doesn’t get it, he has already said that he might just decide to take some time off from football.  One rumor has him possibly going to the New York Jets, but there’s no indication yet that the team is willing to meet his demands.

How About The Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to rebound from a fairly dreary season.  In order to do that, though, they need to rebuild the team and fill in some gaps they didn’t think they had.  Head coach Doug Pedersen has basically thrown out the playbook and is ready to do whatever is necessary to get back on the positive side, even if that essentially means hiring an entirely new offensive line.

He told Dave Spadaro of Eagles Insider, “I think we’re going to add talent, honestly. We’re going to add depth.  You can look across the board. I mean, no position is immune. You hear the talk about, ‘OK, we need receivers or, or we need, you know, offensive line.’ Well, you know, we’re going to try to do that anyway. And that’s all part of our process.”

In Other News….

Prince Amukamara and Taylor Gabriel are being cut from the Chicago Bears in order to make a little more room for the team to jump on a hot player after March 18.  The Bears had around $13 million in cap space prior to the dismissals and picked up just $13 million more when the pink slips were handed out, so they have a little bit of room.  What will happen with that room is anyone’s guess, as GM Ryan Pace isn’t spilling the beans.

He could be interested in bringing in a better quarterback, if he can find one at a decent price, or building up the offense.  Pace could also make a few more reductions in order to expand the amount of available capital when it comes time to landing the perfect player, or players.


Up to $500 Free Bet


Ryan Allen and Younghoe Koo are safe with the Atlanta Falcons for at least another year.  Both players had their contracts extended for another year after turning up the heat in the second half of last season, and the Falcons are hoping they’ll be especially appreciative this year.

Tom Brady is a New England Patriot – he always has been and always will be if the team has a say in the matter.  The six-time Super Bowl champ and four-time Super Bowl MVP is a die-hard competitor who wants to win.  After the Pats saw everything fall apart in the 2019 season, rumors started that Brady might look for a new home in order to make a serious run on Super Bowl ring number seven.  However, New England is reportedly desperate to keep him on the squad and might be making major changes to the team in order to make it happen.

The 20-year veteran could essentially choose where he wanted to go, so the Pats need to make sure they bring some extra creativity if they seriously want him to remain with the team.

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