What a game on Monday Night Football last night.  Two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL went at it with all they had when the Cleveland Browns hosted the Baltimore Ravens on a cold night in December.  The result had football fans and sports gamblers happy all the way through the last second of the game.

Ravens And Browns Put On A Show

The game started off normal enough with the Browns scoring first on a Nick Chubb 7-yard carry and then the Ravens responding with three minutes to go in the quarter.  At the end of the first quarter, the game was an even 7-7.  They continued playing leap-frog with both teams responding to the other’s scoring with one of their own all the way through the first three quarters.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the score was 34 to 20 in favor of the Ravens.  Then, Baker Mayfield threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Rashard Higgins to make the score 34-26.  Boldly, Mayfield then passes to the end zone to complete the two-point conversion. The game is now 34-28.

Then, with 6:41 left on the game clock, Mayfield scrambles around right and scores, and the game is tied once again at 34.  But kicker Cody Parkey’s extra point kick is good and the Browns take the lead 35-34.

Jackson Takes A Potty Break

Suddenly, Lamar Jackson is limping back to the locker room with severe cramps in his legs and backup quarterback Trace McSorley went into the game for a few plays until his knee buckled up on him as he tried to run the ball.   It wasn’t looking good for the Ravens and the announcers began to speculate on who would replace McSorley.  Jackson then came running out onto the field, ready to take over.  All he was missing was a cape – he looked like a superhero coming to the rescue.

And come to the rescue he did. With only 1:51 left, Jackson passes for 44 yards to Marquise Brown for a touchdown.  The Ravens go for the 2-point conversion, which was good and the score is now 42-35.

Mayfield gets the ball back and, with only 1:08 left in the game, throws a 22-yard pass to Karim Hunt for a disputed touchdown which was then confirmed.  Parkey’s extra point is good and the game is tied once again at 42.

Then, against all odds, Jackson takes the Ravens down the field in six plays with the clock running out to put his field goal kicker in position to win the game.

Tucker Nails It

It all came down to Tucker with two seconds left on the clock in a tied game with Mayfield and the Browns. Tucker had a string of 70 field goals in a row under 40 yards, but he missed one last week and broke that string.

With the score tied at 42, Tucker is called on to kick one through the uprights from 55 yards out.  Players and fans were on edge for this one.  But Tucker kicked it hot, straight and narrow, right down the center to put the Ravens ahead of the Browns 45-42.

Las Vegas odds makers had the Ravens as 3-point favorites, so at that point the game was a push.  Then, the Ravens kicked off to the Browns with only two seconds left on the clock.

Browns’ Juggling Act Fails

Mayfield and company tried the old lateral back in fourth in hopes that someone might make a break for the goal line.  After several laterals, which were losing ground, Jarvis Landry managed to cross the goal line, but it was his own, resulting in a safety and another two points for Baltimore after time on the game clock has expired.

Ravens win by a final score of 47-42, completely blowing away the 45.5-point moneyline and overcoming the three-point spread bettors needed.