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The Week Ahead: MLB Crowns World Series Champ

The Week Ahead: MLB Crowns World Series Champ

The World Series is about to wrap up this week, giving sports fans more time to concentrate on all the other action happening across the sports world.  The NHL and the NBA are starting to heat up, while the NFL is in its groove and there is non-stop excitement across all of them.  Looking at what’s coming this week, it’s time to get comfortable and settle in for some great games.

In the NBA, the Chicago Bulls are ready to take on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden today and the hoops action promises to be tight.  The Bulls are counting on Lauri Markkanen to continue to work his magic, which includes an average of 18 points per game (PPG) and a field goal percentage of 40%.  Helping him out will be Zach Lavine with his 21 PPG and 45% field goal percentage.

On the opposite side, Julius Randle and Marcus Morris will need to step it up and keep the pressure on the Bulls.  They both have started the season strong and their performance will be key to stopping a slightly better Chicago squad.  The Bulls are slight favorites to win, by just a point, so the contest is going to be close.


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The Golden State Warriors have only played one game this regular season, but it didn’t go well.  They’ll try to make up for it against the New Orleans Pelicans, which are having an even worse season.  Currently 0-3 and fifth in the Southwest Division, the Pelicans are down several key players, including Jrue Holiday and Darius Miller, and the Warriors will capitalize on the absences.

Stephen Curry is going to be dangerous against the Pelicans tonight.  He has 23 PPG, on average, and is 100% from the line.  D’Angelo Russell isn’t too far behind, contributing 20 PPG and a 38% field goal percentage.  This duo is going to prove dynamic tonight, but there are questions about whether or not it will be enough.  The Pelicans are looking at -200 odds to win their home game, with a 2-basket advantage, while the Warriors are looking at +165.

Jumping ahead to NHL action scheduled for later this week, the Washington Capitals are going to face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs on October 30.  This should prove to be an interesting contest between two teams that have developed strong leads in the league.  The Maple Leafs are 4-2-1 and the Capitals are 3-2-2.  The game will take place at Capital One Arena in Washington and this is just one of the advantages the Capitals have.

Toronto is going to finish out a back-to-back with the upcoming game, which is going to see it drop in energy.  It will also be starting its backup goalie, further weakening its chances at a win.  However, the Capitals are 0-1-2 at home, while Toronto is 2-0 on the road.  This is just a minor detail, as the Capitals are looking at scoring their first home victory and are -128 to do so.

Halloween will see some tricks and some treats on the ice as the Vegas Golden Knights go up against the Montreal Canadiens.  Expected to rule the NHL this year, the Golden Knights are off to a 7-8-1 start, not exactly the record they had hoped, and are going up against a superior 8-5-3 team.


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This is going to be a lopsided game, with the Canadiens dominating.  The Golden Knights may have Marc-Andre Fleury in the net, but he can’t do it alone.  Nicolas Roy performed well against the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday and he will continue to shine on Thursday.  However, it won’t be quite enough, and the Canadiens are going to take the win.

The World Series is set to play Game 6 tomorrow after the Washington Nationals decided to leave their talent in the dugout in the first two games.  The Houston Astros have put on a great show to take the lead 3-2 and this next game might be the last.   With the teams heading back to Texas, the Astros are going to enjoy being back on their own diamond and everything is pointing to this being the last game of the series.  The Astros are at -800 to become the champs, compared to the +525 for the Nationals.

If the series goes all the way out to Game 7, the outcome will most likely be the same, only with lower odds.  The Astros have been the favorite leading into the World Series, but the Nationals turned up the heat from the start.  That changed everything and had many beginning to wonder what was going to happen over the next several games.  The Astros have done exactly what most people thought, and this isn’t going to change if the seventh contest is needed.

Erik is a writer and a sports nut who has had the good fortune to be able to experience a wide variety of world sports action up close and personal. He enjoys staying on top of the changing world of athletics and capitalizing on his writing skills to offer a unique take on what's going on in the ever-changing athletics ecosystem.

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