Thursday Night Football is going to be interesting.  The LA Rams are taking on the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, and the two teams have an interesting history.  In the last four games, three have come down to who can hold out the longest with spreads of less than six points each time.

For the Seahawks, 2107 was an off year, as they seemed to have left their talent in the locker room, ultimately losing 42-7.  As the teams are getting ready to take to the field tonight, both have something to prove and both are desperate for the victory.

The Rams and the Seahawks have gotten off to a strong start this season.  After four weeks, they’re both 3-1 and tonight’s contest is going to make a huge difference in the NFC West standings.  The team that falls will be looking at a 3-2 record and one is looking at the possibility of dropping to a game and a half behind the division-leading San Francisco 49ers.

Having the home-field advantage is one thing; exploiting it is something completely different.  The Seahawks have a fan base that loves to make things difficult for the opposition and they’re definitely going to show how much a part of the game they are tonight.  However, the Rams are out to prove something and return from an embarrassing 55-40 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week.

One thing cannot be denied.  The Rams haven’t had to play a team as tough as the Seahawks so far this year, and is going to have to tighten up on both offense and defense if it plans on moving to 4-1 – no mistakes or stupid penalties can be afforded.

There’s a peculiar stat that could indicate Rams’ slight edge in the game.  Sean McVay came in as the head coach in 2017 and has an overall regular season record of 27-9 in the position.  That’s not the stat, though.  Since taking over for interim head coach John Fassel, who replaced the disappointing Jeff Fisher, McVay has done great things.  Only once has the team lost back-to-back games under his leadership, and this could be an important stat to keep in mind for the matchup tonight.

The Seahawks are going to try to break that record and they have a real chance at doing it.  The defense has been on the both (literally and figuratively) this season, and linebacker Bobby Wagner has been performing exceptionally well.  However, Rams quarterback Jared Goff and wide receiver Cooper Kupp have developed a rhythm that is hard to beat, with Kupp already notching 32 receptions for a total of 388 yards.

That’s the second highest amount currently in the league, and add in his three touchdowns and a recipe for success begins to take shape.  The only problem is that the offense has not been able to provide decent coverage for Goff like it should this year, and the Seahawks will be more than willing to exploit this weakness.

In light of the Rams’ performance, the stats and the fact that the team is out for blood, the Seahawks are still the favorite to win.  They were previously listed as the underdog team, but have been able to pick up a little respect as Thursday came into view, and have been able to flip over to the other side.

Ultimately, tonight’s game should be an intense contest with tight matchups and two offenses that are going to try and pull a few rabbits out of their hats.  There’s a good chance that the game will come down to the wire before a winning becomes obvious, unless either team decides to leave its mojo in the gym bag.