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No Standing Pat: Chiefs Sign DT Jones To Megadeal

No Standing Pat: Chiefs Sign DT Jones To Megadeal

The NFL may be short on cash because of the coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped the contending Super Bowl winners from breaking out the wallet.  The Kansas City Chiefs were quite smart to sign a millionaire contract with defensive tackle Chris Jones that’s worth up to $85 million over a period of four years.

With that, the Chiefs are building a dynasty and move forward to become one of the most solid and strongest teams in the NFL.

KC Chiefs Sign DT Chris Jones

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Jones are among the most outstanding members for the Chiefs, and the team should be proud of these two guys – they will play the primes of their careers in Kansas City.  The Chiefs invested heavily in these two players because they are still very young and because they seem to be ready to give an extraordinary performance in the coming season.


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The Chiefs are the only team in the NFL league to have signed three contracts of such magnitude.  That includes Mahomes who got a deal of at least $60 million guaranteed, Clark and now Jones, who was named as their Chiefs franchise player.  The contract he signed is a 4-year deal and establishes certain points like $37 million due at signing, $60 million guaranteed for any injuries and $5 million in incentives.  So this turns the contract up to $85 million, which represents too much money.

If so much money was paid on Mahomes’ and Jones’ contracts, it is because the Chiefs expect them to be exceptional players.  What’s more, the team also has important and young figures like Tyreek Hill, who is 26, 27-year-old Frank Clark and Tyrann Mathieu, who just turned 28 in May.  Having all these players, the Chiefs are on the way to set up a dynasty run and become an unstoppable force.

Let The Celebration Begin

Both Jones and Mahomes got together on Twitter and started celebrating after Jones’ deal with the Chiefs was closed.  The players used hashtags like #Runitback, #Sacknation and wrote messages like “Let’s goo!!!” and “The Dynasty Continues.” These days, social media is used as a powerful communication tool among NFL players; their remarks get a lot of attention from fans and sometimes what players comment or say becomes viral.

Previously, Jones has been an important player for the Chiefs.  In the last two seasons, he led the team in sacks and, in 2018, he set an NFL record for consecutive games with a sack at 11.  He also picked up nine sacks in the 2019 season even though he skipped three games due to a groin injury.  Despite having to ride the bench, he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career.  All these achievements put him as a player who can offer the NFL and his team a promising performance and leadership.

The Chiefs Find Football Fountain Of Youth

There are other promising young players with the Chiefs, as well.  Receiver Mecole Hardman is 22, safety Juan Thornhill is 25, Travis Kelce is 30 and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz who is pushing things at 30.  At this point, it is possible to conclude that the team will be on top on the league, not only for the 2020 season but as well for years to come.  The Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers, putting them as favorites among their fans and NFL crowds.  The future seems to be brilliant for this team.


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The Chiefs feature as one of the most consolidated teams in the NFL and the chances of winning another Super Bowl are very high with players like Jones on the roster.  They’re a team that do not remain in the plateau stage, the team has considered replacing some of its players who still have one more season to go.

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