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NFL Week 5 Preview: Bucs Look To Contain Saints

NFL Week 5 Preview: Bucs Look To Contain Saints

It’s Week 5 in the NFL and teams are beginning to feel the heat.  Some are still trying to figure out their strategies, while others have already mixed the perfect recipe for victory.  The Sunday lineup is going to be thrilling, and there should be some interesting results that will set the stage for weeks to come.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are traveling to New Orleans to take on the Saints and they hope they can stop quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.  He has been key to securing two of the team’s three victories this season and has, without a doubt, developed his rhythm.  He still needs to work on his long game, but this is coming.  The Bucs will be looking to stop Alvin Kamara, which is no small feat, and, if they do, the Bucs could actually walk away with the win.

The Houston Texans will host the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, and the outcome won’t be surprising.  The Falcons only have one win on the year, against the Philadelphia Eagles, and they only barely managed to pull it off.  The Texans might get off to a slow start before turning on the juice in the second half to win the game.

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It would be surprising if the Tennessee Titans were able to find victory against the 3-1 Buffalo Bills.  The Titans quarterback, Marcus Mariota, is having a solid year, despite the team not putting the numbers on the board, but the Bills are ready to extend their winning streak.  They have the fourth-best rushing game, judged by yards per game, and are going to end up walking over a weak Titans defense.

There isn’t much to say about the 0-4 Washington Redskins.  They’ll host the 4-0 New England Patriots this weekend and the result is already cast in stone.  Leave it up to quarterback Tom Brady to do what he does best and put up the numbers.  After all, the ‘Skins defense has allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 87.2% of their third-down passes this season, and that type of unorganized play isn’t going to win any games.

The Baltimore Ravens will head to Pittsburgh for their contest against the Steelers, and they’re out to prove something.  They’ve had a mixed year, but the Steelers have had things worse.  As the Ravens’ rookie receiver Marquise Brown starts to get used to playing on the big field, he’s going to continue to develop and will more than likely be a major reason why the team finds success on Sunday.

The Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears are both going to be playing on unfamiliar turf.  They’re in London, already trying to get adjusted to the time difference and the new artificial turf at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  This game will be determined by who can adjust the quickest, but the easy money is on the Bears pulling off the win.

The Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars are both 2-2 this season and both have started to figure out who they want to be.  Playing in North Carolina, the Panthers are going to have a slight advantage, especially since Kyle Allen is proving himself in place of quarterback Cam Newton, and a close game will ultimately see the home team take the win.


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The LA Chargers are having a decent year and this is going to continue when the Denver Broncos take to Dignity Health Sports Park on Sunday.  The 2-2 Chargers are almost a lock for the win against the 0-4 Broncos, even though the Denver team is going to fight desperately to put one in the win column.  It’s going to come close, but will end up falling just short.

The undefeated Kansas City Chiefs are more than ready for the Indianapolis Colts.  The chances of the Colts being able to improve to 3-2 don’t look good, as the Chiefs have averaged 33.8 points per game this year.

One of the more interesting matchups could be the Minnesota Vikings against the New York Giants.  Both teams are 2-2 and both have the ability to extend their lead.  This should be a tight game that sees strong performances on both sides of the ball, and calling the winner is a coin toss at this point.

Rounding up the rest of the games, the San Francisco 49ers haven’t lost a game yet and are going to keep the record against the 2-2 Cleveland Browns.  The Philadelphia Eagles will almost certainly score a victory against the winless New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys will squeeze out a win against the Green Bay Packers.  The Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals, the last two in the winless camp (give the Cards half a point for its tie), are going to be playing for fun and the Cardinals will ultimately come out on top.


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