It takes around a month for college football to get its bearings. It takes that time to see who is going where and why.

Utah at USC: Utah is -4. I don’t usually bet West Coast teams,ff but it seems as if Utah is the play. I believe Utah will win by a touchdown.

Saturday, the main day, there are several games which look promising.

Tennessee at Florida: The Gators are currently a two-touchdown favorite. I think Florida will cover this number because Tennessee just has not been efficient in recent years. Yet, until last year, Florida hadn’t been either. Tides ebb and flow…even in the SEC.

How about a kick in the head? Elon at Wake Forest. There isn’t even a line on the game yet but I think Wake will beat them like a pistol whipping. I went to college up in the area. I’ve been to Elon because I dated a girl attending the school. I’ve been to Wake. A friend in college had strong connections so we would go watch basketball. Unless the number is huge, I don’t see Elon beating any reasonable number. At any rate, take Wake on the moneyline. But, hey, I was wrong about The Citadel at Georgia Tech. We all make mistakes.

Southern Mississippi at Alabama: The Crimson Tide is -39. They haven’t covered the number yet this season. Be wary but I’d take the number. Southern Miss is where Brett Favre played so they aren’t dilletantes. And, as I’ve written, Saban is on a downward spiral.

The thing most people don’t understand about college football in The South: It’s a religion. Really. The alumni of these school are heavy contributors to the athletic programs. Heavy. No joke. I would not write off Southern Miss.

Louisiana (Monroe) at Indiana State: ISU is -18.5. No. Any team from The South can whip a team from elsewhere. ISU might win but they won’t cover. Tread lightly but take the number.

Michigan State at Northwestern: MSU is -9.5 but if you look at NW’s last season…they almost won The Big 10 Championship. I have had editors who went to the Medill School and I’ve been there a few times. The game is at Northwestern. I’m taking the number.

California at Mississippi: Ole Miss is -2.5 right now. Teams that travel this distance are at a disadvantage. Also, these teams have different offensive schemes. This is a conundrum but not an unsolvable equation. Think about it.

Louisiana State at Vanderbilt: LSU is -24 but they are at Vandy. LSU is the stronger team but Vandy has been coming up like Wake, Duke, South Florida, etc.

Michigan at Wisconsin: The Badgers are -3.5. This marquee game is a crapshoot. I’d probably take Wisconsin but who knows. Unless you are from the area, I’d stay away.

Late in the afternoon is Louisville at Florida State. FSU is -6.5. Take care with this one as well. Louisville did not deliver last year but neither did FSU. I think Florida State will cover this but it’s really gambling.

Auburn at Texas A&M: This game is at College Station and TX A&M is now -3.5. College Station, much like Death Valley, is a hard place to play. Again, I’m from the area so I’ve been there. The crowd noise will drive a quarterback crazy and that is their intent. These people are rabid squirrels. Win at all cost.

Notre Dame at Georgia: UGa has been solid thus far, but so has ND. They are both undefeated. Georgia is -14.5 but that is a big number against Notre Dame even as slow as they are. This is another crapshoot. It’s at Georgia so I suppose that’s why the number is that big. ND was in the hunt last year so I am surprised why the oddsmakers would give Georgia over two touchdowns. It’s in Athens so I get it but even though that crowd is like every crowd in the SEC, and UGa is number 3 in the country, I do not see Georgia covering this number. It’ll be the hook that gets them as far as betting goes.