The NBA is coming back July 30 and not a moment too soon for basketball fans who have been deprived a proper conclusion to the 2019-20 season since Rudy Gobert’s positive coronavirus test March 11 that set off the worldwide cascade of sports league cancellations. Now, the NBA will look to finish what it started with a 22-team “bubble” at the Disney Resorts in Orlando, an eight-game finish to the regular season and four best-of-7 playoff rounds to determine a champion. We take a look at each of the teams involved as we move closer to the official return and we’ll start by looking at the Washington Wizards team in our Sports Intel preview:

Washington Wizards Team Preview 2019-2020 Re-Boot

(24-40, 9th in East, 5.5 games behind No. 8)

Where we left off: Led by Bradley Beal, and with a collection of talented youngsters, the Wizards managed to exceed dire expectations and staying withing striking range of the Magic for the final playoff spot in the East.

Remaining schedule: July 31, Phoenix Suns; Aug. 2, New Jersey Nets; Aug. 3, Indiana Pacers; Aug. 5, Philadelphia 76ers; Aug. 7, New Orleans Pelicans; Aug. 9, Oklahoma City Thunder; Aug. 11, Milwaukee Bucks; Aug. 13, Boston Celtics.

Projected starting lineup: G: Shabazz Napier, Bradley Beal; F: Troy Brown, Rui Hachimura; C: Thomas Bryant

Key injuries, absentees: G John Wall, F Davis Bertans

Odds to Win Title: 2,000-1

Can they win it all? Not a chance. The Wizards will probably need to go 8-0 and hope the Magic have an enormous meltdown, and neither one of these things is going to happen. And if Beal decides to opt out of the re-start, which is still a possibility, it’s over before it re-starts for the Wizards. But there are several players, like Hachimura, that can still benefit from simulated playoff-intensity in games against the Celtics, 76ers and Pelicans.

That’s it for our preview of the Washington Wizards team ahead of the NBA regular season re-boot, come back soon to see what we think of the rest of the teams involved in Orlando.