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nba puts players in timeout chairs


NBA Puts Players In Timeout … Chairs

NBA Puts Players In Timeout … Chairs

The NBA is planning to implement movable chairs to keep social distancing during the upcoming games.  The NBA wants to protect its players, coaches and staff members as much as they can, and these “timeout chairs” are meant to provide more separation between active players and the bench.

The season restart is about to begin after a four-month period of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NBA Players To Be Put In Timeout Chairs

The timeout chairs aren’t for punishment – they’re to be used during a time out, putting distance between players on the court and those waiting for a shot at this historic NBA season.  Shams Charania of the Athletic provided the specific rules via Twitter on Tuesday, stating, “Movable chairs to court so players and coaches can huddle, but players must stand/sit around chairs apart from bench. Chairs cleaned by NBA team staff at end of each timeout.”


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The NBA is making a huge effort to maintain players’ safety and welfare, as well as that of coaches and other personnel.  Keeping all these people away from the virus is vital to guaranteeing the 2020 season is a reality.  The measures, if successful, can also set an example for other leagues as they resume, as well.

NBA Hoops Are Almost Here

22 teams out of the 30 in the NBA are now at Walt Disney World as players are getting ready for the restart.  There will be three scrimmage matches per team before the regular 2020 season gets back on July 30 and, as a safety protocol, teams will be divided into three resorts at Disney World: Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort, Yacht Club and the Grand Floridian.

Fans have a reason to start feeling excited – pro basketball will be back very soon.  If everything goes well, most likely this will be a great season. The scrimmage games are expected to take place this coming Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET, and the first match is between Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers.  Since the game is going to be broadcast on NBATV, people will witness the implementation of the “timeout chairs” in the NBA for the first time.

Sports reporter Mike Singer published a tweet about a memo that had been sent to teams to remind them about some procedures for scrimmage and regular games. He stated, “Teams don’t need to submit active list, similar to a preseason game.

– Benches divided into 3 sections (Players, coaches, unassigned)


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– Unassigned seats will be for temporary use along baseline (player-to-player communication, trainer-to-player)

– 2 additional seats in lower bowl (for attending executive)

– Every player will have individual water/towel stations behind his seat”

The plan is that the 22 teams will compete against each other in eight regular games, besides the three scrimmages matches, during the season.  If there are no delays, the regular season is expected to be completed by Aug. 14, and then the 16 remaining teams will proceed with the playoffs on Aug. 17.  Later, the postseason is programmed to take place and wrap up by October 13 with Game 7 of the NBA Finals.


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Disney Makes Out With The NBA Bubble

The NBA has planned to assign three facilities for the regular matches, all at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney World.  These include The Arena, HP Field House and VISA Athletic Center.  These facilities have the required safety protocols so players can be protected from COVID-19.

When it comes to following the rules, it is mandatory that all players, coaches, executives and staff members within the Disney World Bubble strictly adhere to the guidelines and protocols established in a long document that seeks to protect all people involved from the smallest to the most important aspect concerning staying away from any danger or unnecessary risk.

It is vital that everybody participating in the upcoming 2020 season protects himself/herself because this virus is serious.  Florida has been one of the states to see a more serious return of COVID-19, and the NBA is going to have to take extra precautions, such as the timeout chairs, to ensure that it can complete the season without any glitches.

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