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‘Last Dance’ Ep. 3/4 Review: Bad Boys, Bad Blood

‘Last Dance’ Ep. 3/4 Review: Bad Boys, Bad Blood

“The Last Dance,” the ten-part docuseries from ESPN that showcases the final run of the late 90’s Chicago Bulls, has started off with a bang.

The most-eagerly awaited sports documentary in recent history finally hit the screens last weekend, and it did not disappoint. The series so far has been highly entertaining, to say the least.

Last Dance 3 & 4 Review

The first two episodes in the docu-series chronicling Michael Jordan’s final championship season with the Chicago Bulls debuted last week. On Sunday, Last Dance episodes 3 and 4 focused on the Bulls’ climb to the top. We got a look at the young Bulls against their greatest foe, the Detroit Pistons. The two episodes also gave us “The Shot on Ehlo,” a breakdown of “The Jordan Rules,” and the Bulls’ first championship against the Los Angeles Lakers.


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Intertwined in all of this, we also saw the story of Dennis Rodman, which might’ve been the best part of the doc. Everything from his in-season vacation to Las Vegas, to his thoughts on Scottie Pippen’s return, and the start of the Bulls’ climb back up once all the pieces were back.

The Last Dance continues to capture the attention of a country starved for sports, so Twitter is a fun place to visit during or after the episodes are over.

Anyways, as you must know by now, every week I will be recapping the episodes with some of my favorite moments. Here are a few that stuck out from last night:

Rodman’s Vegas Vacation + More:

What else would I start with? Rodman was the star of Sunday night’s Last Dance episodes 3 and 4. To start with, nothing tops the Vegas vacation. As we saw last night, coach Phil Jackson could tell he was losing Rodman mentally, so in an attempt to get him to re-focus for the title run, Jackson let Rodman have a 48-hour vacation in Las Vegas during the middle of the season. Yes, you read that correctly. Las Vegas and during the middle of the season. Was this the origination of load management?

The story of Rodman’s trip was retold by Jordan, Jackson, and Rodman’s former girlfriend, Carmen Electra. Jordan’s facial expressions and take overall was hilarious, especially when he told Phil that Rodman was not coming back in 48-hours.


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I love that they found video footage of Rodman partying in Vegas with Electra and his buddies. The “Kamikaze” shots were flowing. The best part was absolutely when Electra said she hid behind a couch as Jordan came to their room to bring Rodman back to the Bulls after all the debauchery.

Rodman chugging a Miller Lite and then getting on a motorcycle to go home (or somewhere else) was also another fun clip.

I also enjoyed Rodman’s life story in general. My other favorite part was Rodman explaining the art of rebounding to us. His high basketball intelligence showed last night, and it was fun to watch as a basketball fan.

What a guy. What a player.


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Jordan, Horace Grant Still Hate The Pistons

Of course the documentary highlighted the Jordan Rules, which is basically the Pistons being bullies and physically abusing the Bulls every time they faced each other. 30 years later, the beef still exists between the Bulls and the Pistons, and it came through vividly last night.

You can tell Jordan still hasn’t forgiven Isiah Thomas and the Pistons for walking off the floor in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals without shaking hands. Jordan’s reaction to Thomas’ version of the story was a great look at just how deep the rivalry ran. You can tell the animosity is still there.

Horace Grant was great, as he minced no words about what the Pistons did. This might’ve been the best line of the entire doc, at least so far:

I guess there is a reason that Bad Boys anagrams to Baby Dos.

Phil Jackson’s Story

I enjoyed the look at Phil’s journey, as we got an inside look at his playing and coaching careers. We got an inside look at how he was “different” than a lot of other coaches and just people in general. I especially loved the exclusive footage of his coaching days in Puerto Rico. Phil taking acid and some of his old pictures were great too.

The way Jackson was able to connect with Rodman shows just how good he was at handling personalities. One of his known strengths, and why he was able to win at pretty much every level.

Also love, love, love the Tex Winter and Triangle offense shoutouts. R.I.P.

Jerry Krause’s Dancing

Krause took a beating in the first couple of episodes, but no matter what, no one can take away the fact that he did help construct the greatest basketball team of all-time. Breaking it up, yes, that happened too. There have always ben people who love Krause and hate him since I’ve been watching the Bulls.

Either way, the clip of him dancing last night was absolutely amazing, so I leave you all with this. Enjoy:

Now episodes 3 and 4 are done, we’re 40% through Last Dance, and I can honestly say, Sundays can’t get here fast enough! Have a nice week everyone and stay safe!

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