An event full of emotions and memories is getting close.  Kobe Bryant will be honored by his hometown, Philadelphia, when the late LA Lakers legend is posthumously honored at the top of the 2020 class of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame.  Although Bryant passed away this year in a tragic helicopter crash, he is still remembered by all his fans and followers.

No one can deny his outstanding and amazing performance when he was an NBA player, and for what he did off the court.  Bryant achieved more than most could imagine, and his legacy will forever live on.

Kobe Bryant Is The Definition Of Basketball

It is very likely that if people had the power to travel in time, they would change the course of history and prevent Bryant’s death.  Bryant’s loss meant a terrible event not only for basketball fans and lovers, but for the entire world.  This guy was one of the most respected, privileged and admired players of the NBA history.

He had a great personality and impact on the world of sports, gaming and entertainment.  But unfortunately, people die and this reality even though it’s drastic, has to be accepted.

There is so much to say about his background.  Kobe Bryant was born in his hometown of Philadelphia, and he started playing basketball for Lower Merion High School.  He had the privilege to lead his team to win its first State Championship back in 1996.  In that same year, he became the first guard to be chosen into the NBA league while still a high school student.  This was one of his first achievements, and a brilliant future awaited him.

The Black Mamba Never Quit Pushing

In no time, Bryant turned into an exceptional scorer and player in purple and gold.  He had incredible achievements; he was the youngest player to earn an All-Star selection in the NBA.  He showed himself as an extraordinary player and, during his 20-year sports career, there were two times that he was not among the All-Stars winners.  Later, he won three consecutive championship titles which put him as one of the best NBA players of all time.

Bryant also won the MVP award in 2008 and then two consecutive NBA Finals MVP awards in 2009 and 2010.  In total, Bryant achieved over 15 All-NBA team selections during his professional career.

Bryant decided to retire from the NBA back in 2016.  His performance as one of the best players in NBA history became a reality.  As a matter of fact, he is the fourth-highest scorer of all time behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone and LeBron James.  On top of that, Bryant has been chosen to be part of the 2020 class of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

His legacy to the sports world and NBA is among the best that the world has ever seen.  As a sign of respect, his jerseys, number 8 and 24, were retired.

Philadelphia HoF Honors Kobe & Number Of Top Athletes

Besides Kobe Bryant, another 16 athletes from different leagues will be included in the 2020 class of his hometown Philadelphia’s Hall of Fame.  Some of these names are Bob Rigby (soccer), Lisa Raymond (tennis), Cherie Greer Brown (lacrosse) and Cy Williams and Dave Montgomery (baseball), among others.  If there are no delays, the ceremony will be conducted virtually on Thursday, Nov. 5.

Bryant Will Always Be Part Of The NBA

With this posthumous achievement in Philadelphia, NBA fans can continue honoring Kobe Bryant’s memory, remember his good and bad moments during the short life he had (1978-2020), and the great human being that he was.  He was not an only spectacular player, but also someone who left an undeniable contribution on the American society.

Michael Jordan said that, when Kobe died, a part of him died too.  That could be said for a lot of people.