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ESPN Wishes Tony Romo Case Of Mondays (And Dollars)

ESPN Wishes Tony Romo Case Of Mondays (And Dollars)

Tony Romo is used to being a wanted man, and it seems that it now applies to ESPN too.  Ever since his high school days at Burlington High School in Wisconsin, it was obvious he had some talent on the gridiron, and he would ride that wave through college and into the NFL.

With both the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys keeping an eye on him in ahead of the 2003 season, he would finally step into the Cowboys locker room as an undrafted rookie and quickly excelled with the team.  He stayed with Dallas for his entire career, picking up $130 million on the field, earning no more than $8.5 million a season.

Tony Romo Set For ESPN

Even that amount is less than what he could be about to earn in his new gig.  Based on what’s being discussed in NFL circles, Tony Romo is about to become the new ESPN Monday Night Football (MNF) analyst, for which he could be paid anywhere from $10 million to $14 million a year.


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Romo just completed his analyst contract with CBS when the Tennessee Titans beat the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday.  ESPN is reportedly looking to try to give its MNF coverage a huge boost, and believe that Romo is the man for the job.  To put things in perspective, neither John Madden nor Troy Aikman, respectively at $8 million and $7.5 million a year, have been the top two analysts for any NFL coverage ever.

At just $10 million, Romo would be looking at about $625,000 a week for each Monday night game in the regular season.  Of course, there’s a chance that he might have to cover ore game if Disney, which owns ESPN, can strike a deal to pick up a Sunday game, as well, ahead of next season.  Still, given the 16-week regular season, that’s a hell of a paycheck.

The Cowboys took a chance on Romo in 2003 and it paid off big time.  CBS took a chance on him, as well, and it paid off just as nicely.  Just like his prowess on the field, Romo has been able to maintain a higher-than-average ability to call plays as an analyst, repeatedly reading during the action what moves teams were about to make.  He has also managed to keep his enthusiasm for football at an incredibly high level, which has helped him attract a substantial following as a CBS analyst.  Romo appears to not have an off button.

MNF has had some decent analysts over the years, although some would argue that John Madden will always be the king.  After he left in 2005 to head to Sunday Night Football for NBC, former players and coaches like Joe Theismann, Tony Kornheiser, Ron Jaworski, Jon Gruden, Jason Witten and Anthony “Booger” McFarland tried to fill the void, but ESPN feels that it’s time to bring in some fresh energy with Tony Romo.

Just as in any NFL contract, nothing is set in stone until the ink is dry.  CBS might try to boost the stakes to retain its talent, and there will definitely be a lot of talk over the next few weeks.  Any final outcome more than likely won’t be determined until after Super Bowl LIV on February 2, with Romo at the center of a battle to see who can make the best deal.


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That deal will carry some important amendments, and the winner will be determined by who is most willing to give Romo what he wants.  He certainly won’t complain about an eight-figure salary, but that isn’t the only thing on his mind.

For him to sign his name on the dotted line for any contract that ESPN offer, Tony Romo is almost certainly going to ensure that the contract gives him enough flexibility to keep up with his other passion.  He could agree to call MNF games and some on Sunday – as long as he doesn’t have to miss participating in any PGA Tour matches.

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