Odell Beckham Jr., known to all as OBJ, is feeling particularly inspired.  The Cleveland Browns wide receiver showed exactly how inspired Monday night during a game against the New York Jets, clutch-grabbing an 89-yard volley that resulted in a touchdown.  The Jets never saw what hit them, as the Browns took the victory by an overwhelming margin, 23-3.  The inspiration, and possibly the win, was provided by the defensive coordinator for the Jets, even though OBJ can’t remember his name.

To understand the situation, a little groundwork is needed.  OBJ has called out Jets DC Gregg Williams for teaching what he calls “cheap shots and dirty plays.”  This led to Williams admonishing the media for giving OBJ a soapbox and essentially asserting that he isn’t a very dynamic player.  However, when asked to comment last Thursday on OBJ, Williams could only muster, “Odell who?”

After last night’s game, the tables were turned and it was time for OBJ to be asked about Williams’ remarks.  His response was classic and made Williams look like a complete fool.  OBJ only had to say “Who?” and Williams immediately became the brunt of NFL jokes for the rest of the season.

Dynamic instantly became the theme of the week.  Baker Mayfield couldn’t believe that Williams would say that OBJ is not dynamic – after all, he has only been to the Pro Bowl three times, was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and was twice on the All-Pro second team, not to mention setting several records – and OBJ’s wicked catch, according to Mayfield, was “pretty dynamic.”

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett even got in on the fun, stating, “You don’t see that often from players in any part of the league, and he’s just so dynamic and can really do it all. That was my first time getting to see it, especially for us. I was jumping up, high-fiving.’’  The dynamic OBJ – there’s only one.

The 89-yard catch wasn’t the only big play of the night for the (not dynamic) OBJ.  He showed his ability from the first time the ball came within grabbing distance and caught a 33-yard catch with one hand on the opening drive.  Williams had to already be second-guessing his decision to call OBJ out.

The night’s star player didn’t give Williams any more airtime, nor would he directly give him credit for his performance.  However, it wasn’t difficult to read between the lines.  In talking to the press after the game, he stated, “Everything fuels me.  Good comments about me, bad comments about me, everything fuels me. I feel all of that, so I just want to be the very best that I can. I’m going to work as hard as possible to be the very best I can for this team. Be the leader that I’m supposed to be. Just trying to do better.”

The victory, made even sweeter since it was against the Jets, gives the Browns a 1-1 start to the season.  Not a bad way to get things rolling and OBJ will be ready to turn up the energy when the team takes on the LA Rams Sunday night.  OBJ is preparing himself mentally and physically, and added during his press appearance, “We came out and had a terrible home opener and everyone was talking about us and coach Freddie was just talking about how we’re going to see what kind of team we are after this and who’s really going to ride with you.  We didn’t play our best game, but we hung in there. We fought. We made the plays we needed and we saw sparks and glimpses of what this team can be.”

If he can pull off another amazing performance next week, the “not dynamic” OBJ will turn up the heat and that spark will become a raging fire.