The temporary halt to the U.S. sports calendar due to the coronavirus has left gambling companies and services scrambling to find something for clients to bet on.

These companies know that if you are a gambler, it is hard to just cut the cord and go cold turkey. That is just being honest, as I’ve been there before.

Betting Options In Current Climate

So, although the coronavirus might have canceled sports, that doesn’t mean you can’t gamble on other “things”. Oddsmakers are finding sports from all around the world. Sourcing this from friends and some locals, but I’ve heard you can still gamble on everything from what team Tom Brady is going to end up on, to Rugby.

There is also a ton of soccer still taking place around the world in places like Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Gibraltar, Kosovo, Serbia, and the Ukraine. Heck, Belarus and Kazakhstan Premier League are in session as well. And, let’s not forget about the hottest sport of them all…E-sports is even picking up steam!

I can’t lie, I was surprised to see that many things to bet on still going on, but then I got an email this morning that, in my opinion, trumps all of the things to bet on listed above.

Wager on the weather, really?

While checking my inbox this am, I found an email sent to me from a PR person informing me that since most sporting events are cancelled/ postponed for an indefinite period of time because of the coronavirus, Bovada is now offering gamblers the ability to bet on the weather in different cities across America. Yes, you read that right, the weather.

Of course I tweeted about it and then proceeded to check out their website to see what this entailed. And, there it was, you could literally bet on the forecast.

After doing some more research, I also found a website taking bets on the weather: //

I’m referencing Future and Drake here, but what a time to be alive!

People within the online gambling landscape predict it will cost the industry tens of millions in dollars in losses, if not more. The impact will vary state to state, with locals probably being the ones most affected by this shutdown. But, the show must go on for sportsbooks, and that is going to force them to get creative. Hence why you can now bet on the weather.

Stay safe, everyone!